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The Legends of Nethiah

  Producer Howard Nash speaks about his latest film project The Legends of Nethiah (2011). I asked Howard to speak with us about both of his films, his most recent project Chasing the Green (2009) and then his current project The Legends of Nethiah (2011). ME: Hi Howard. Thanks for taking the time to tell us all about your latest film endeavors. Can you speak first about your most recent film Chasing the Green (2009)? Just for those who do not yet know, Chasing the G...

Elite Squad 2! with Rod Carvalho

If anyone has not seen Elite Squad (2007) by visionary Brazilian director Jose Padilha, see it now please! It is sensational!!! Please go rent it or buy it now so you can be ready to see Padilha's much anticipated sequel Elite Squad 2 (2010)! I asked my friend talented actor Rod Carvalho to do an interview with me about his role as Captain Barcellos. He was hesitant until I assured him he could answer my questions in Portuguese. So, this is a translation. Hopefully, not too much will...

Mickey Pizzo Mouse! :-)

Recently, I spoke with Philadelphia born actor Mickey Pizzo about his acting career. ME: So, Mickey, what are you working on at the moment since Sopranos? MICKEY: Since 'The Sopranos', I'm premiering in a new play about Fashion Icon Isabella Blow called 'Blow by Blow' playing the role of her husband, Detmar Blow. I'm also about to do a film in September and I'm looking for financing for a film I wrote calle

Brothers Inc. by Michael Johnson

I spoke with my dear friend Michael Johnson about his award winning short film Brothers Incorporated (2009). Michael is a USC film graduate and expert on the seemingly cryptic art behind Hollywood filmmaking. He took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions about his film as well as discuss his upcoming feature film.   ME: So, Michael, can you share with everyone what Brothers Inc. is e

Winners of Bangkok IndieFest's 'Golden Shirt' Award to be Determined by Audience Choice

Winners of Bangkok IndieFest's 'Golden Shirt' Award to be Determined by Audience Choice Winners of Bangkok IndieFest's 'Golden Shirt' award in each category to be determined by audience choice this year, via ballot selection for each of the 80+ participating films. See complete schedule and lineup here: BANGKOK INDIEFEST 1.0:  August 6-8, 2553 More info @   &nb...

Maria Clara Spinelli on Paulista

  This is a great opportunity for me to present a dear friend of mine, Maria Clara Spinelli, actress of the award winning film Paulista (Quanto Dura Amor?, 2009) by director Roberto Moreira with Silvia Lourenco, Danni Carlos, and Paulo Vilhena. Maria is from a town called Assis in the interior of Brazil. In the film, however, she acts as the 'Paulista' native, Suzana. Maria has stunned audiences worldwide with her radiance and talent. Her honest and transparent nature communica...

Miguel Mas and Love Equation

                                  Multi-talented Argentinian director/writer/producer Miguel Mas shares his thoughts and feelings of his recent film Love Equation (2009)   ME: Can you speak a little bit about Love Equation and what it is about?   MIGUEL: The film features an exce...

The Imaginarium of Anastasia Masaro

 Interview with Production Designer Anastasia Masaro on The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (2009). Other than being the last film that Oscar winning actor Heath Ledger acted in, this has to be one of the most visually stunning films I've ever seen. David Lynch and Tim Burton have some serious rivalry here on cinematic surrealism. The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (2009) is like a walk through a Dali meets Ernst painting, on Absinthe!  ME: Hi Anastasia, thank you so much for taking time to...

Linda Nelson on Delivered!

Interview with producer Linda Nelson on her upcoming film with director/actor Michael Madison, Delivered (2011).   ME: Hi Linda. How are you? Can you tell us about your new film Delivered. This is your second time working as a team with Michael and Jennifer right?   LINDA: This is our third film of Linda Nelson and Michael Madison/Nelson Madison Films.  On our first film, we were producers and distributors. On our second film, which was a very l...

Greg Marcks on Echelon Conspiracy!

  Director Greg Marcks speaks about his nail-biting international thriller Echelon Conspiracy (2009), starring Shane West, Ed Burns, Martin Sheen, Ving Rhames and Jonathan Pryce. Plus, he relates his humorous experience with David Lynch on the set of Inland Empire (2006).   ME: First of all, I saw your Ernest Hemingway quote: 'Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.' Love it! So, Greg! Your film features a...

Finding David Fine

ME: Hi David. Well, to be honest, you have so many projects going on... can share with me which projects in the last year you are most proud of and were maybe most challenging?   DAVID: The last two I did were pretty intense. In "Stricken" I played the heroic lead, saving a young woman, played, masterfully, by my co lead Stephanie Michelle French, from Demonic Possession. I play a

Wild Target, an interview with Jonathan Lynn!

  In depth exclusive interview with legendary writer/director/producer Jonathan Lynn.   Yesterday I sat down to speak with venerated writer/director Jonathan Lynn about his impressive career in film as well as his newly released film, Wild Target (2010). When I first told him what an inspiration and icon he was for me, he told me it 'startled' him; his humble attitude thus began my even greater appreciation for him. Our interview took place with me in Dorset, England and...

Copo de Cupo

  Actress Christina Cupo gives us a wee mixed cup of her film projects and film philosophy...   me: "Hi Christina! Can you tell us about your latest film and your role in it?" Christina: "I'm partial to my lead role as Alma in the upcoming feature film VAULT OF DARKNESS. Alma - a girl next door meets Hitchcock blonde - becomes embroiled in a big mess. I lov

Working Day, Borghi

Meet Andres Borghi, Argentina's up and coming new director who is sure to become the film world's next Peter Jackson! Here he talks about his soon to be released short film (we hope he'll make it a feature as well) Working Day (2010/11)  me: "Can you speak to us about Working Day? What is it about and what inspired you to make this film? And please elaborate on your passion and talent for awesome naturalastic visiual effects!"    Andres: "...

Olivier Lorelle, Outside the Law!

Interview with Olivier Lorelle Olivier Lorelle, co-writer of Hors La Loi (Outside the Law) (2010) about a family in Algeria of three brothers and their mother who lose their home and must recreate their home in a new world. Each of them find a new life in different parts of the globe; Messaoud (played by Roschdy Zem) moves to Indonesia while Abdelkader (played by Sami Bouajila) and his brother Said (played by Jamel Debbouze) move to Paris. The three brothers reunite yea...

Call for Entries for the 2011 Edition of CWFF

The 4th edition of Cape Winelands Film Festival (CWFF), which is scheduled to take place from 16–26 March, 2011, in Cape Town and Stellenbosch, has launched its call for entries today. Feature films, Short Films and Documentaries submissions are eagerly awaited. Entry forms, rules, and regulations are available on the Festival Website ( ).   1.      Features: Features are all fiction films more than 50 minutes of length 2.     ...

Richard Gere Not Ready to Write a Book

  Aruba International Film Festival has run June 4 to 11, 2010     Legendary leading man and activist Richard Gere opened the inaugural Aruba International Film Festival (AIFF) as its official host when the Festival unspooled this June. In addition to opening the Festival, Gere has been bestowed with a special humanitarian award and participate in the Festival’s “In Conversations With” series engaging the Festival audience.  Ed...

Alfonso Herrera in red carpet interview in Aruba

Alfonso Herrera talks about his experience as Mexican actor working on his first Venezuelan film and his progression from Mexican TV into full time film career. Look out for his upcoming and blooming film endeavors. To view Herrera interview along with rest of cast of Venezzia, click to view here: Interview by Vanessa McMahon and Rollo Ross:

How Tasty Was My Little Italian?

Penso Un Sogno Cosi... This dark drama with an ironic almost Caravaggio-esque twist at the end calls to mind certain images- Titus (1999) when the failed Roman would-be emperor served the queen's sons to her on a plate- literally!; Hannibal (2001), when Dr. Lecter eats the brain of his rival Ray Liotta-ewe!; and, last but not least, an old Brazilian movie about native Tupi anthropofagia, How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman (1971).   Why do such gory...

On Venezzia

  view film trailer here:   Herrera protects Ruddy During exclusive interview with Venezzia stars Ruddy Rodriguez and Alfonso Herrera, they discuss their difficult love scene. Ruddy says that even though she is older than Alfonso, he protected her during their love scene and made her feel more comfortable. Hmmm, that mustive been hard! lol!  But all joking aside, Ruddy barely needed protection as she pr...

Thelma Schoonmaker interview

On Martin Scorsese Thelma Schoonmaker on Martin Scorsese: interview   watch whole Getty Images interview on this link:                     Three time Academy Award winner for editing Thelma Schoonmaker in an up-close-and-personal interview about what it has been like to work alongside ...

Parley with Daniel Pearce

  Parleying with Daniel Pearce on his role in the upcoming blockbuster hit Salt (2010), working with the beautiful and ‘down to Earth' Angelina Jolie and being an actor in film and TV between LA and NY.     ME: Hey, Daniel, thanks for speaking with us. Well, you're in the upcoming film Salt, (2010) by director Phillip Noyce. Can you speak a little bit about the part you play

The Kindness of Alessandro Parrello

See interview with Alessandro Parrello from The Kindness of Strangers (2010) here:  

Interview with Guillermo Arriaga

Guillermo Arriaga we salute you! One on one interview with The Burning Plain director Guillermo Arriaga.  When beginning our one-on-one interview, I asked Guillermo if he could enlighten me on the situation between him and director Alejandro Inarritu. When I mentioned the latter's name, Arriaga replied: 'Who?'. Then I asked again and he replied with a wise smirk: 'You want me to talk about my divorce?' That situation made clear, I avoided the sensitive subject and ...

Interview with Chris D'Arienzo on his film Barry Munday

Chris D'Arienzo was unable to make it to the first AIFF but his film was and indeed proved a hit among viewers. After the festival, I contacted my talented writer friend and asked him if he'd answer a few questions for me about the experience of making his first feature film. Ironically, I had asked to interview him 3 months before the festival for a research project I was doing for University of London but he was too busy so I wrote about David Lynch instead. Chris m...