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Opening Night New York Premiere of STILL BILL Q&A Session

By Maria Esteves - March 2, 2010 The Opening Night New York Premiere documentary of STILL BILL, co-directed by Damani Baker and Alex Vlack, commenced January 27 - 28, 2010, at the IFC Center, New York. Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and musician Bill Withers appeared for a special Q&A session following the two sold out opening screenings with filmmakers Damani Baker and Alex Vlack. STILL BILL played at the IFC Center for a week. Arrivals at the opening night included artists, pr...

Meet Indie Filmmaker: MALAGASY GOSPEL

What’s unusual about Malagasy Gospel? Directors Carlos Esbert, Virginia Camino, Alvaro Lagos, and Graciela de Pablos give us the details on their inspiring and recent ÉCU 2010 selected documentary feature about a blind, orphaned children’s choir. By Nick Forrester Q: It seemed to me that everyone making the film genuinely enjoyed spending time with these unique kids, but what initially inspired you to make the film? The starting point of the project was in fa...

Call for Entries: CAMBOFEST, Cambodia (4th Year Edition)

Call for Entries for the 4th Edition of: CAMBOFEST: Film and Video Festival of Cambodia ** Cambodia's first international independent movie festival ** Founded in 2553 (aka 2007) CamboFest 'Lite' : December 2010, Phnom Penh CamboFest 'Supreme': March 1-9, 2011 Kampot, Cambodia (and other locations TBA) Visit for more info! ...

The Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations Mission In NYC and I Spoke Often

The Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations Mission In NYC and I Spoke Often Duplicate story Spam Inaccurate Plagiarized Profane Jill Starr , bloomingdale: 37 min ago google_protectAndRun("ads_core.google_render_ad", google_handleError, google_render_ad); United States : I was in scholarly heaven accessing the United Nations to work with Darko daily. This enabled my meeting many of the most ...fascinating people in the wo...

Mid Nordic Film Commissioner Per Hjärpsgård sees bright future for film in Jämtland

George Clooney in Brunflo! This has been headline news in Sweden these past few weeks. The American movie star recently put the little town close to Östersund in Northern Sweden on the international map when he was in the region to film the opening scene for Anton Corbijn’s new movie, “The American.” During Göteborg Film Festival, I had a chat with Film Commissioner Per Hjärpsgård, who is based in Östersund. “This was an amazing opportunity to show the region at its...

Mads Mikkelsen – Valhalla Rising

“After every role, I understand myself a bit better,” says Mads Mikkelsen, Danish star in Nicolas Winding Refn’s epic action drama Valhalla Rising.    Mikkelsen plays the mute warrior One Eye, a strong Viking who throughout a dramatic journey explores his own true nature. Mikkelsen holds a press conference at Göteborg International Film Festival to promote the film, and I get the chance to discuss acting with a true professional. Our conversation quickly leads ...

Meet Indie Filmmaker: DEADSIDE

  What would you be willing to sacrifice? DEADSIDE, directed by Mark Triller and an ÉCU 2010 Student Film submission is a psychological-thriller short about a couple who have to make an untimely decision. By Lindsay Mayer Q: Explain what your film is about. The film is about the bond parents have to their children, specifically the heartache of loss, and confronting mortality. Losing a child can be unbearably grievous, more so than the loss of a parent or spouse. ...

Meet Indie Filmmaker: ENTWINED

.   Actress Barbara Wilson and director Reeve Nixon on the set of ‘Entwined.’  ‘Entwined’ is about an elderly lady forced to confront her fears of living and dying with regrets as she spends the night trapped in a Victorian whirligig. We talk to British director Reeve Nixon about old age and gambling with the weather when shooting a film outdoors in Scotland.   By Mairi Cunningham    Q: First off, tell me a bit about your film. Correct me if ...

Interview: Chris Petit by Programmer Erwin Houtenbrink

Programmer Erwin Houtenbrink interviews Chris Petit. Thirty years ago, Chris Petit directed Radio On, now considered a road movie cult classic. His latest film, Content, is an ambient 21st-century road movie, an associative film essay inspired by driving’s trancelike state rather than any linear unfolding of the road. Why are you using an actor (Hanns Zischler) for your own observations and comments in your film as a voice-over? What’s the purpose of this distancing device? The text for ...

Bush was most dangerous president in history: Oliver Stone

BANGKOK ~ Oliver Stone said he’d seen the lies of the Reagan administration in the ‘eighties, and how the USA had intervened in 60 or 70 countries, but nothing had prepared him for the Bush years. “This has been the worst decade of my life” Stone told reporters in Bangkok yesterday. The film-maker, in Thailand to deliver a series of talks organised by the International Peace Foundation, said “Bush was the most dangerous president in history,” because of his policy on ...

Call for Entries - BANGKOK INDIEFEST!

Call for Entries BANGKOK INDIEFEST! SAVE B300 + ($10 and up) when submitting to BANGKOK INDIEFEST... *** Special Discounts Now Available *** ...when submitting offline [via PDF] ) ==> Direct Link ...or pay more for submitting online through our festival support partners :: BANGKOK INDIEFEST :: Launching June 4-6 (and beyond...)  2010 Bangkok, Thailand PRODUCED by CAMERADO SE Asia ...

CAMBOFEST, Cambodia 2553 (2010) Edition *** ((( CALL for ENTRIES ))) ***

CAMBOFEST, Cambodia 2553 (2010) Edition CAMBOFEST: Film and Video Festival of Cambodia Year 4 - 2553-2010 Edition Now accepting early entries for Cambodia's international, independent film festival, CAMBOFEST, now entering its 4th edition. "CamboFest brings the magic of movies to the land of Angkor" -Jule and Roger Corman ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::...

Meet Indie Filmmaker: CATEDRAL

    Without anything but a newspaper article to go off of, Aliocha and Alessio Rigo de Righi travelled to Spain to document the daily life of a Catholic monk who had been building a cathedral since the early 1950s. Not letting them film him at first, the two filmmakers exchanged their labor in order to document the monk’s life for seven days.  CATEDRAL is a recent submission to ÉCU 2010’s European Documentary Short category. By Lindsay Mayer Q: Where did you...

Meet Indie Filmmaker: WITHOUT

    WITHOUT, a recent submission to ECU’s European Dramatic Short category, is directed by Natalia Andreadis. The three minute short focuses on the desparation of a woman caught in an unusual circumstance… By Lindsay Mayer Q: First off, I’d like to know: What film has inspired you more than any other? So many films have had a big impact on me but I suppose I can narrow it down to two in particular. Firstly comes “Jurassic Park” because it i...

Meet Indie Filmmaker: PATIENT

Canadian director Dan Clements whose recent submission to ÉCU 2010's Non-European Dramatic Short film category is entitled ”Patient” talks to us about blind dates, false teeth and his motivations as a filmmaker. By Mairi Cunningham Q: First off, the ambiguous and unsettling opening was amazing. First time round, I was fooled into thinking it was going to be a very awkward blind date that was about to be acted out, not a hostage negotiation! T...

Yorgos Taxiarchopoulos

Veteran British Star of Stage and Screen Celebrates Over 50 Years in Showbiz.

 ‘All round entertainer’ is a term that’s perhaps overused these days. Yet British screen veteran Stan Stennett MBE can rightly justify the claim to this title. Patric Morgan caught up with the man who is still performing after 50 years in showbiz.  Stan Stennett, star of stage and screen, pulls open one of the filing cabinets in his office.   “Where do you want to start?”   Well where do you start? The scrapbooks start at ‘early 1950s’ and span over half a cen...

:: Announcing the Winners of CAMBOFEST 2009, Cambodia ::

Announcement of the winners of the Grabay Meas ('Golden Buffalo') awards for CAMBOFEST: Film and Video Festival of Cambodia - Year 3 [preceded by sponsor messages]


This is a boy to which is developed a great power of to open the dimensional doors and to pass to another universe or world and I called it Man Dimension (DimensionMan a human being that you see the dimensions). When DimensionMan learns how to use its power, he understands that the planet is not only and that it is occupied for extraterrestrial but in another dimension and that we cannot see them because to us still ...

Independent Film Month: August 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia

Festival League has officially declared the entire month of August as Independent Film Month in Atlanta, Georgia.  Join us for this incredible celebration as five unique film festivals run every weekend in August, 2010.   Atlanta Shortsfest August 6 - 8,  2010 Atlanta Shortsfest showcases ultra-talented filmmakers from every country who have created memorable shorts under 26 minutes.

Meet Indie Filmmaker: MILK MAN

  Photograph by Patrick Moore Director James Rumsey recently submitted his film, Milk Man to the ÉCU 2010 Fiction Short category. Having recently won the “Audience Choice Award” at the Filmstock International Film Festival 2009 in the UK, Rumsey talks to us about milk, re-birth and the beauty of working on a tight budget. By Anna Takayama  Q: What is your film about? Milk Man is about the consequences of getting stuck in one view of yourself and of...