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Cirkus Columbia at Salonica 2010

  This year at the 51st Salonica film festival, The Match Factory represented film Cirkus Columbia (2010) makes a stop in the 'Balkan Survey' category. This film has now toured all the major festivals this year, proving a favorite of filmgoers everywhere. Below is my interview with main actress from the film, Jelena Stupljanin.  Actress Jelena Stupljanin speaks about her new film Cirkus Columbia, a Bosian film by Bosnian Oscar winner director Danis Tanovic, set in the former Yugoslavi...

Deborah Hadfield on 'The Kindness of Strangers'

                                  Deborah Hadfield is the proud debut director of her first feature film, the romantic road movie entitled, ‘The Kindness of Strangers' (2010). I spoke with Deborah recently about the making of her film and what it was like to shoot on location throughout three different countries in Europe...

Interview with San Francsco Int’l Animation Fest Programmer Sean Uyehara

Sean Uyehara, who has been with the San Francisco Film Society for 5 years, offers an academic perspective on film and animation.Lis: How did your interest in animation begin?Sean: I'm interested in movies...and one thing about animation that I think is especially interesting is the way that it implies the relationship of the production world of film to an audience.  One thing I'm interested in about movies in general is not only how they create meaning, but how they create authority.  There a...


LKFF - Interview with Kim Jee-woon (I SAW THE DEVIL)

  Tania: I would like to ask you about your background, you were a theatre director and then you went into film. How did that work? Kim Jee-woon: I did theatre in school and I learnt acting then, but people around me told me not to, so I stopped. It was in my early 20's that I learnt that there is someone behind the actors of the stage and that a production needs an overall leader behind everything and that's when I learnt the role of a director. Tania: So how did tha...

[SIN]efest - Interview with Boo Junfeng

 Before the screening of SANDCASTLE, I was able to catch up with the film's director and festival curator, Boo Junfeng.Tania: How does it feel to have a film that is acclaimed and award winning in Singapore, its home country and then Pusan, which is as good as it gets in East Asia and Cannes, which is as good as it gets in Europe?Boo Junfeng: Pretty good! (laughs) I've always wanted to make movies since I was 15 and I thought, by the time I'm 30 I can make a feature film. This is happening a li...

CRAZY RAY OF SUNSHINE. Soundtrack. Music - Roman Mukhachev, text - Larisa Isaeva. Artists Olga Mukukenova & Edson Fabien

It's the main soundtrack in the movie AMOUR'S UPGRADE   © Larisa Isaeva  2:41 minutes (3.22 MB)

Misfits Preview

They new scene of misfits is less then a week away. I was a huge fan of the first scene, it used the comic book genre in a really cool way. So when i got the email from the BFI about them hosting the first episode i jumped at the chance to see it.  The first scene was as some of you might remember small buget tv show that has got a great idea. This gave the show a feeling of any one with a good idea can make something worth watching. The new episode was a big let down, Tom Green th...

Christian Friedel on 'The White Ribbon'

Interview with Christian Friedel from 'The White Ribbon' (2009)   Today I have the privilege to share with you a much anticipated interview for me...Christian Friedel from the award winning sensational film by director Michael Haneke, ‘The White Ribbon' (2009) (German: Das weiße Band, Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte), a dark story filmed in black and white about a German village in pre-World War I and the almost supernatural forces bubbling beneath the surface during this key time in...

LFF - Black Swan Press Conference

You can watch the press conference for BLACK SWAN here:

LFF - THE KING'S SPEECH Press Conference

36:36 minutes (8 MB)

LFF - MIRAL Press Conference

34:34 minutes (8 MB)

LFF - BLACK SWAN Press Conference

With Mike Goodridge (mediator), Darren Aronofsky (director), Mila Kunis (actress), Vincent Cassel (actor) and Scott Franklin (producer).  36:36 minutes (8 MB)

EXCLUSIVE: TCM's "MOGULS & MOVIE STARS" Director Jon Wilkman Interview

by Quendrith Johnson, Los Angeles Correspondent  Somewhere in Connecticut, Bill Haber, one of the founders of CAA, got a flash that Hollywood history should ride again. To that end, he contacted four-time Emmy winning documentary veteran Jon Wilkman and the rest is "A History of Hollywood." Set to air Nov. 1 through mid-December, "MOGULS & MOVIE STARS: A HISTORY OF HOLLYWOOD" will unspool every Monday night at 8 PM (ET) on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). Academy...

When The Dragon Swallowed the Sun

  During this closing weekend of the International Reykjavik Film Festival, the most talked about film at the festival will be shown in sold out theaters, the documentary When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun (2010) by director Dirk Simon. When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun is the new controversial film about China's ongoing occupation of Tibet. Over the past seven years, Dirk Simon shot 800 hours of film between India, Beijing and Tibet depicting the seemingly never ending content...

Santa Fe Film Festival Seeking to Shake Corruption with New Management

Santa Fe Film Festival Facing Bankruptcy, Shakes Up Management In the wake of past corruption scandals, the Santa Fe Film Festival struggles to pay off debts to filmmakers while undergoing a change of management  By John C Morley, The Morley ReportSeptember 21, 2010 – Over two years ago, Camerado producer Jason Rosette learned through one of his actors that his latest feature, "Lost in New Mexico: the strange tale of Susan Hero", had appeare...

Random Encounters with Nate Barlow

Multi-talented renaissance man Nate Barlow does about just everything there is to do in the film industry. Nate is an actor, producer, creative consultant, director and writer in Los Angeles, CA, and he's here to tell us about his new film Random Encounters (2010) as well as his other recent exciting film developments past, present and future.       ME: Hey, Nate, thank you for taking time away from your busy schedule. Can you speak a little bit about the part you play i...

Nassim Abassi's 'Majid'

                                  Nassim Abassi, the passionate Moroccan director who made The Winter Sun is a Lie (2005)  is here to speak about his new film Majid (2010) MAJID is is expected to be released later this year in Moroccan cinemas and will be the first film project of Nassim's production company 'Moondust ...

Fishing with Jonas Fisch

  Today I am speaking with the passionate Jonas Fisch, the talented TV and Film actor recently featured in films like: Angels and Demons (2009), How to Train Your Dragon (2010) and That Side of A Shadow (2010).       ME: Can you talk a little bit about your voiceover role in How to Train Your Dragon (2010)?     JONAS: I feel there's no point talking about "How to train your Dragon" since it was a quick voice over for a Europ...

CAMBOFEST, Cambodia ~ Call for Entries Continues through November 1st

CAMBOFEST, Cambodia ~ Call for Entries Continues through November 1st  Cambodia's longest running international movie event! UPDATE: For the 4.0 Edition, CamboFest hosts the long-belated Cambodian premiere of Robert Flaherty's classic documentary, "Nanook of the North" - 88 years after its release -  with the kind permission of Flaherty Seminars. Founded in 2550 (2007), CAMBOFEST: Film and Video Festival of Cambodia is one of the only annual international movie events in Cambodia ...

67th Biennale Jury members

On the jury this year at 67th Biennale in 2010, the great writer/director Guillermo Arriaga   Check out my in-depth interview with him in Aruba!


In the midst of all the Venice Film Festival excitement, I'd like to bring your attention to some good old Americana Indie-style. If the title doesn't grab you enough, like it certainly does for me, then hopefully this in-depth interview with the filmmakers Dan Finkel, (Director/Writer/Producer) and Brian McGuire (Actor/Writer/Producer) for the new witty and spirited- che spiritoso!- American Indie film Everything Will Happen Before You Die (2010).     First, I...