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Danis Tanovic: I immediately felt at home in Sofia

Danis TanovicProbably one of the most long-awaited guests and for sure one of the favorite directors of the audience especially of SIFF (since 2002, the year of No Man’s Land – the film, the Oscar, the wine, the whole story) Danis Tanovic finally came to Sofia to meet his devoted audience. After the screening of his new film Circus Columbia following the Ceremony of bestowing the awards of SIFF there is no need to talk. Circus Columbia is an original piece of artistic work, saying ev...

“Some Other Stories” about motherhood, presented in Sofia by the Slovenian producer Dunja Klemenc

Dunja Klemenc Some Other Stories is a co-production between Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Ireland. Each of the five segments in the film has been shot by a team from one of the ex Yugoslavia countries. The common theme is that of motherhood and all the five stories place their protagonist in extreme situations where they ask themselves what does it take to be a mother, to give life… especially in a world that is far from hospitable. The stories, the a...

Hossein Keshavarz: "I made 'Dog Sweat' to celebrate the irrepressible energy of Iranian youth"

Hossein Keshavarz- We live in a globalization nowadays, but if you have to compare the problems of the young people in Iran and the problems of the young people in the Western world, where are the main differences? If you asked me this a year or two ago, I would have said that there are not many differences.  Iranians are preoccupied by the same things that people in the rest of the world are preoccupied with – love, money, family. So most of the stories of the film are mundane – like ...

Bence Miklauzic: "The interest towards the others, co-habitation and solidarity are the main issues for the world today"

Bence MiklauzicThe director of one of the films from the International Competition, Children of the Green Dragon, Bence Miklauzic, replied with a smile to the question that is asked to every guest of the festival, whether he has been to Bulgaria before, “It is my first time in Sofia, but my second time in Bulgaria. As a child, 20 years ago, I was also one of the tourists that came for their vacation to the Black Sea.” - Is the story of the unusual friendship between a Hungarian and a ...

Paul Fraser: "I don’t think anyone really makes a film with the thoughts of awards in mind"

Paul Fraser– My Brothers is your debut feature film as a director, but you have been also working as an actor and screenwriter – was it difficult for you to make this film? I feel like I have spent many years hanging around on film sets so although it was my debut it was by no means an alien environment. I was surrounded by a fantastic crew and three first time actors, so there was a perfect blend of experience and awe! We had a small budget and a short shoot so the main problems was...

Ognjen Sviličić about the Balkans, the festivals and everything

Ognjen Sviličić, Sylvia ChristelThe famous Croatian film director Ognjen Sviličić, internationally renown with his movies Sorry for Kung Fu (2004) and Armin (2007), is coming to Sofia Fil Festival with his new film Two Sunny Days (feat. Silvia Kristel – an experiment, but also a natural decision, as the director says). Sviličić, who is also a musician from a new wave punk band, which he considers, joking, the Croatian version of the Festival Band of Stefan Kitanov, is a member o...

Joao Nuno Pinto: The sea remains a symbol of hope

Joao Nuno Pinto As in Antonio Lobo Antunes’ novel South Of Nowhere (Os Cus de Judas, 1979), a novel, telling the story about the war in Angola, but being actually a story about Portugal, in the first feature film of the young Portuguese director Joao Nuno Pinto the story is about immigrants, but the subject is again Portugal. Joao Nuno Pinto was born in 1969 in Mozambique and his family, being Portuguese, immigrated to Portugal as refugees during another post-colonial war in Afric...

Joao Nuno Pinto

Joao Nuno Pinto

Alvaro Brechner: I like films that surprise me

Alvaro Brechner: Alvaro BrechnerAlvaro Brechner was born in Montevideo in 1976. 12 years ago he leaves Uruguay and moves to Madrid where he starts working as a director. He has directed a number of short and documentary films and in 2009 he makes his feature debit with Bad Day to go Fishing (selected in the competition programme of the 14th Sofia International Film Festival). In 2011 he is back in Bulgaria as a member of the international jury of the Sofia International Film Festiva...

Alvaro Brechner

Alvaro Brechner

The producer Jozko Rutar: "Silent Sonata" is a war film without soldiers

Jozko RutarBulgarian cinephiles know well the name of Jozko Rutar, the producer of Silent Sonata (A.K.A. Circus Fantasticus) from another cult Slovenian film, Jan Cvitkovic’ Gravehopping (2005). Director Janez Burger’s Silent Sonata is unique piece of cinema art, a kaleidoscope of reminiscent images, reminding of Fellini’s aesthetic, of Tarkovski to a certain degree and even to Hodorovski. It is a film essay on war and survival; a film with no dialogue, but not a silent movi...

Dimitar Kotsev – Shosho: The debates over Bulgarian cinema are heading in a strange direction

Dimitar Kotsev – Shosho: Dimitar Kotsev – ShoshoWhy did you choose to adapt your own novel to the screen, rather than someone else’s? My novel is tied to my own life. As a debutant I thought that it would be better to work with something that I know well because it was obvious that I was going to have every possible obstacle come in my way. It was important to have my own story, one which I am comfortable and familiar with. And 20 years later I can spend the taxpayer’s mone...

Dimitar Kotsev – Shosho

Dimitar Kotsev – Shosho

Nick Whitfield and the ancient Bulgarian technics to drive away the ghosts

Nick WhitfieldA brilliant British dark comedy or to be more specific: a sad story about our world and the world beyond disguised as a comedy; a story of a family and of a broken family and a story about the past that holds a grip on the present (as the director puts it). Nick Whitfield’s feature film debut Skeletons most definitely will touch a lot of people because it is a deeply emotional story told on the verge of economy and extravagance. One of the strongest titles in th...

Nick Whitfield

Nick Whitfield

Ben Berkowitz: We had been working with some really unique underground artists

Ben Berkowitz 10 years ago Ben Berkowitz made his debut as a film director with a movie called Straightman (Benzfilm, 2001). The story in the film is about the friendship between a straight guy and a gay, but without any Hollywood clichés about falling in love, having sex, ect. ‘Just the story about two friends – one of them likes women, the other likes men – that’s it’, as the director describes it. Berkowitz’s intention in this film was to show the possible relationship bet...