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NYIFF-G5A Film Festival Reviews, U Turn: Highway is my way

NYIFF-G5A Film Festival Reviews, U Turn: Highway is my way In many ways, the choice of U Turn as the penultimate screening of the NYIFF-G5A Film Society’s Film Festival, the first ever Mumbai edition of the annual event, held 7,793.27 miles/12,560 km/16 hours flying time away, was a U Turn, compared to the kind of films they had been showing for the four preceding weeks. Symbolically, the idea of the festival is itself a U Turn, since all the films are Indian, sourced from NYIFF. Coal t...

NYIFF-G5A Film Festival Reviews, The Threshold: I’ll take your leave

  NYIFF-G5A Film Festival Reviews, The Threshold: I’ll take your leave A good old joke goes like this: An ideal marriage is one wherein two people become one. The problems arise when they want to decide which one. It goes without saying that marriage is no joke, and two people can never really become one. I have seen a couple that was telepathically on the same wave-length and usually spoke the same words in unison, without any previous arrangement to this end, go through a bit...

Great Grand Masti, Review: Grate Bland Cesti

Great Grand Masti, Review: Grate Bland Cesti Amar, Meet and Prem. "Amar, meet Prem!" Penilty corner, Penil interest, Penilti-mate Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi, Aftab Shivdasani. Sapna, Rekha, Nisha. Dream-Line-Night. Pooja Bose, Mishti, Shraddha Das. Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law. Shrew-brew-slew, Three into two won’t do. Usha Nadkarni, Kangna Sharma. Antakshari Baba, Babu Rangeela. Ba ba black sheep, D.K. Prose; Cock-a-doodle-doo, Of all the animals in the zoo. S...

Reviews, G5A-NYIFF screenings: Agli Baar, Absent, El’ Ayichi

Reviews, G5A-NYIFF screenings: Agli Baar, Absent, El’ Ayichi Devashish Makhija is a Kolkata boy who was so shattered by his mother’s death that he got on to a Mumbai-bound train, in an unreserved compartment, and has been living here since. After a stint in advertising and after assisting debutant director Anurag Kashyap on Black Friday, he decided to go solo. Black Friday was about the Mumbai blasts and was stuck with the censors for years. But for an unreleased Oonga, all his e...

'To Dream' to open 2016 British Urban Film Festival

To Dream - the London based drama from Anomaly Cinema is to open this year's British Urban Film Festival (14-20 Sep).   Ed Hayter and Freddie Thorp star as two self-destructive teenagers who won’t let anything come between their friendship and their ultimate plan, but when dysfunctional family life becomes intolerable, loyalty leads one to make a choice that will change their lives forever.   Adam Deacon (Anuvahood) and previous X-Factor finalist Diana Vickers a...

Celebrate Diversity in Film! 6th Annual Winter Film Awards 2017 CALL FOR ENTRIES

Winter Film Awards Independent Film Festival Announces 2016 CALL FOR ENTRIES Winter Film Awards showcases emerging filmmakers from all genres from around the world, with a special emphasis on highlighting the work of women and minority filmmakers. New York, NY (July 1, 2016): The Winter Film Awards Independent Film Festival (WFA) announces a Call for Entries for its 6th Annual celebration of independent film, to be held February 23 - March 4, 2017 in New York City. Filmmakers from arou...

Reviews, G5A-NYIFF screenings: Velutha Rathrikal (White Nights)

Reviews, G5A-NYIFF screenings: Velutha Rathrikal (White Nights) Inclement weather (read incessant rains) and no means of transport deprived me of the opportunity to catch-up on For the Love of a Man, screened on 28th June, as part of the G5A-NYIFF film festival, currently underway at the Foundation’s Black Box, located in a creatively designed facility in an erstwhile industrial estate, close to the iconic Famous Mahalaxmi studio and office complex. Earlier in the year, I had seen only ...

Paz Fábrega's Costa Rican "Viaje"

  This Independence Day weekend, celebrate "Viaje" -- an indie gem that festival audiences loved, but distributors snubbed. If you don't need romantic comedy to end with a kiss, Viaje is a film for you. The new feature from Costa Rican director Paz Fábrega is full of small moments that unfold not to achieve a payoff but for their inherent allure. Taken together with the raw, natural performances and attention to character and mood, there are good reasons to say the ...

"Unlocking the Cage" with Steven Wise

Take a chimpanzee. Think about what she thinks about. Does she understand that she has a mind? Can she grasp that other individuals have a mind? Does she have a concept of time? If so — as scientific studies show — this chimp is what animal advocate Steven Wise argues is a self-aware, autonomous “person.” Now to get U.S. law to recognize the fundamental civil rights he says great apes therefore deserve.  Unlocking the Cage documents Wise’s efforts to do just...

At the Fork: A Film About Husbandry and Wife

Opinions vary as to whether we should eat meat. Between At the Fork director John Papola and his producer wife Lisa Versaci, these range fromyes, but to hell no. He’s an omnivore; she’s a vegan. That tension — and Papola’s gradual rethinking of food politics — peppers their new film about how animals are raised for our consumption.  It’s March 2015 when the couple sets out across America to find producers of pork, beef, chicken, egg...

Wu Xia - A Martial Arts Tango

'Wu Xia' means Martial Arts Knights, and it takes two to tango. Follow the two as they are readied to confront the 5 elements to see if they are worthy of the opponent. An all martial arts style extravaganza set in a distant future.

Reviews, G5A-NYIFF screenings: Highway, Ek Selfie Aar Paar & Cities of Sleep

Reviews, G5A-NYIFF screenings: Highway, Ek Selfie Aar Paar & Cities of Sleep If you’ve missed these two, you have missed a lot. While the former is fiction of the first order, treated in a documentary style, made by a trained and acclaimed young director the latter is a near feature-length documentary that explores a killer topic, and is enlivened by some remarkable central characters. G5A Film Festival is indeed lucky to have such impactful films to flag off its month-long screeni...

Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words | Review

By Maria Esteves – June 24, 2016 Eat That Question: Frank Zappa in His Own Words is a compelling and passionate music documentary about the life of legendary genius Frank Zappa (1940-1993). The extraordinary black-and-white and color archival footage superbly assembled chronologically by director Thorsten Schütte includes the 1963 interview with popular talk show host Steve Allen, international media coverage of Zappa invitation to Prague and powerful onstage performances as ban...

PUFF Presents a FREE Night of Short Horror Films

The Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival and Dark Comedy Productions presents a FREE night of local, short horror films at CineMug. The screening will take place at 8PM at 1607 S. Broad St.. Local filmmakers are encouraged to come out and meet Dark Comedy Productions and the PUFF staff. We will be screening four films by director Andy Stewart. The event is $2 BYOB. Facebook Event Listing: ...

Local Sugar

LOCAL SUGAR--Look at all the laurels! It's been a whirlwind trip through all of these festivals--some enough I was lucky enough to go to in person, some only live online, and others are on my bucket list.  If you want to see what all the fuss is about, please go check out the script at .

“Art Bastard”: The Agony and Ecstasy of Robert Cenedella

  You might not expect much tender concern for legitimacy in a film called Art Bastard. Its subject, artist Robert Cenedella, trumpets his rogue status with glee. But Victor Kanefsky’s empathic character study probes the soft underbelly beneath the swagger and exposes the scars of not belonging. Unless you’re a cold-blooded bastard, you’ll come away from this visceral portrait of sentiment, conscience and humor not only enthralled but ready to write your local muse...

Local Sugar - Meet the Credits! I think that's how this works! Maybe!


Local Sugar - Meet Deputy Tib, dogged detective


Local Sugar - Meet Sheriff Hoggert, justice on the hoof


Local Sugar - Meet Miz Coco - part of our gatored community


Local Sugar - Meet Uncle Neet - captain, mascot, CEO--ghost?


Local Sugar - Meet Bucky, paperboy and serial entrepreneur


Local Sugar - Meet slimy local land baron Rowley--if you must


Local Sugar - Meet Sly Snake, our handless but handy mechanic


Local Sugar - Meet mouse mayor, Mary Lou