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Millenium - Festival international du film documentaire

For its 7th edition, the Millenium Festival invites you to discover the fascinating and intriguing world of documentary movies with a selection of movies that come from all parts of the world. During 9 days, from the 20th to the 28th of March, you will be able to meet directors and discover new intriguing and disturbing movies that allow you to discover another facet of the world. 

The Millenium Festival is above all a place of exchange, solidarity, freedom of speech and thoughts. This edition will host the first Futurology Congress, which purpose will be to tackle the crucial issues of our society thanks to the participation of distinguished speakers and through the eyes of the directors that let us see the beginnings of tomorrow’s world. Be ready to embrace new perspectives…

The screenings will take place in several cinemas in Brussels including the Bozar, the Cinema Galeries and the Cinema Aventure.

SEEYOUSOUND - 1° Italian Music Film Festival and Videoclip

SEEYOUSOUND intends to be the first Film Festival in Italy entirely dedicated to the movies talking about music.

SEEYOUSOUND is made possible thanks to the contribution of private citizens, private partners, associations connected to the region and, of course, to the support of public institutions and local governments.

At the time our partners in the area are: the Goethe Institut of Turin, the association GLocal Sounds, the association Baretti, the association of traders of San Salvario, Arci Torino, the association WePlayTheMusicWeLove, the Association for Local Development of San Salvario Onlus and the Association National Museum of Cinema.

Most important institutional partnerships are in development with the City of Turin, the Piedmont Region, the Foundation Maria Adriana Prolo - National Museum of Cinema and the Turin Film Commission.



SEEYOUSOUND sees its first steps in a very special neighborhood, San Salvario, in the center of the city of Turin, that has always been the core of mutations, being the reflection on the development and cultural interaction and continues to grow in terms of opportunities and incentives for citizens and visitors.



  • Realize a film festival with an international appeal that can become a constant annual event for the city and for the national and international scene .

  • Create a virtuous network among Festivals, local institutions, cultural associations, trade associations, foundations and private investors, in order to make the Festival a cultural occasion for the city and an opportunity for promoting commercial activities in the district of San Salvario and in the city of Turin.


FIVE Ws (who/what/when/where/why)


SEEYOUSOUND will take place on May 14, 15, 16 and 17 – 2015.

The festival will feature a variety of events, all related and connected together through the common denominator of MUSIC.

The core, characterized by the main part dedicated to the movies will consist of a section IN COMPETITION and a section EXHIBITION.



The section in competition is composed of three genres: feature films, short films and video clips .

The jury of the Festival is still being defined.


The competition is divided in three sections:

a) LONG PLAYING: Feature Films/Documentaries.

b) 7-INCH: Short Films.

c) SOUNDIES: Music Video (videoclip)



A non-competitive film festival consisting of works of recognized value and quality that will be proposed for the projection.

The selection will be done among three types of works: unpublished high international quality movies; cult movies; cinematographic works of musical genre produced ​​in Turin.



Beside the projections, interactions and cooperations will be developed to create events throughout the duration of the festival .

St Andrews Green Film Festival

16 - 21 February 2015
St Andrews, Scotland

The St Andrews Green Film Festival showcases the most inpiring and world changing folms and documentaries highlighting the issues of climate change, environment and sustainability.

Our week long festival, held in the coastal town of St Andrews, UK- hosts several documentary films, events and workshops targeted towards families and individuals of all ages with an aim at raising awareness and engaging discussion and debate regarding some of the issues facing our planet and how we can all make a difference.





Transgender L.A.T.E. Festival


2nd Annual Transgender L.A.T.E. Festival will occur on June 6, 2015 this is a new film festival that uses the event to educate and raise public awareness pertaining to Transgender and Intersex persons in the community.  Criteria for submissions is that it pertains or has a Transgender or Intersex theme or character.  There are no submission fees.  Films are donated to the Transgender L.A.T.E. Festival for use.  Creators are encouraged to participate when possible.  Non-English speaking files require subtitles. Films are currently shown at The Tolerance Education Center in Rancho Mirage with a 72 seating capacity. Funds raised from this event are given to Transgender human rights group called TDOR Palm Springs.

D&AD Next Directors Award


D&AD Next Director Award with YouTube & MOFILM



The Next Director Award is a brand new award set to unearth the best new directorial talent and promote it back to the industry. Both the winner and shortlisted directors will get incredible exposure at international screenings and through the D&AD and YouTube platforms. And to top that, mentoring from top production companies – which, for the right candidate, could turn into on-shoot experience or representation. 

The competition is open to new directors with less than two years professional experience. Who knows, maybe you’re Next…

5th Cinerama.BC - International Film Festival Balneário Camboriú

Provide the public with a festival that creates a reference on the current scenario of the Brazilian and international cinema and transiting out of the commercial circuit of cinemas.

Allow an exchange of simultaneous experiences among spectators, producers, film directors, educators, students and the general public interested in cinema as a form of expression and social inclusion and the search for insertion in the labor market.

Ensure the inclusion of Cinerama.BC - International Festival of Film Balneario Camboriu, in the official calendar of events of the city of Balneario Camboriu and in the events calendar of SANTUR (government divulging the SC state) as strong attraction for tourism cultural and creating possibilities for inclusion of the event in the official calendar of exhibitions and international film festivals.

Create a 'festival reference' to the public, professionals and national and international critics with display new films, making the city a center reference for new productions and involving as many sectors of society, with an emphasis on low-season tourism, already that the city is a coastal tourist destinations in southern Brazil.

Promote and encourage the projection of films in cinemas, galleries and public spaces (film clubs) in order to create the audiovisual culture of habit mainly to the formation of children and youth.

Finally, the Cineramabc's main objectives of public identification and training and professionals subsequently contribute significantly to the expansion of the film market and fostering of independent film production.


Visioni Corte Short Film Festival

The Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse" announces the fourth edition of Visioni Corte Film Festival (short visions), the International Festival of the Independent Short Film, which will be held in the month of October 2014 in the magnificent setting of the ancient Castle of Minturno (LT). The official dates of the Festival, which will last five days, will be published at the deadline of the competition, in June 30th, 2015, along with the program, on our website



1.1 Competitive Categories

Everybody can take part to the competition in one of the 5 (five) categories of the Festival. We want to offer to the independent professionals and not only, regardless of the budget, the opportunity to be engaged in an homogeneous competition, which allows also the Technical Jury to provide more easily a fairer judgment of the works. The categories will be:

•        CortoFiction International:  it’s about any topic and genre. Ranging from drama to comedy, thriller, etc.. The stories can be invented or adapted or inspired by true events. Just for foreign films;

·         CortoFiction Italy:  it’s about any topic and genre. Ranging from drama to comedy, thriller, etc. The stories can be invented or adapted or inspired by true events. Just for italian films;

•        CortoMusic: aimed at video and video art. It regards music videos for singers or rising bands, or video documentaries accompanied by original music;

•        CortoDoc: aimed at documentaries or reportage of any sort;

·         CortoAnimation: aimed to any story of animation of any genre and realized in any technical way, also stop-motion. The topic is free.

1.2 Special Prizes

There will be 5 (five) special awards  regarding all the films of CortoFiction (Italy and International):

•    Best Screenplay

•    Best Photography

  • Best Director

•    Best actor in lead role

•    Best actress in lead role

1.3 Pre-selection

All works submitted will be preselected by the Artistic Direction and a special commission. Exceeding the pre-selection the participants will be admitted to the grand finale. Filling out the entry form, participants must indicate which category they intend to enter his short film. The Selection Committee can change any sides in a different category, in order to ensure homogeneity within them. Participants can stay informed about the selection of short films by visiting where, as soon as possible, the program of the event will be published with official dates and the place where the screenings of the short films will take place. The Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse" reserves the right at its discretion to project the works that have not passed the pre-selection. These works, which will not be part of the competition, will therefore be considered "out of competition".

1.3 Methods of selection of short films

The Commission will select an adequate number of short films for each of the categories provided. The Artistic Director's final decisions are irrevocable.

1.4 Jury

There will be a Technical Jury (composed of scholars, people experts and professionals at the field of audio-visual making) that will choose only 1 (one) winner film for each category. During the prizegiving the Jury will express the reasons which led to award the winner and they  will be read in public.

The decisions expressed by the jury is final and irrevocable.


The Technical Jury award for each category in the competition will be a prize just to the first placed. The five special awards, consisting of a plate, will be assigned by the technical jury, too. The Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse", as its discretion, reserves the right to give a special prize to the most original idea of any short film in competition with a low budget.

If the winners were not able to attend to the award ceremony, the prize will be sent by charged to the recipient.


3.1 How to participate

It is possible to participate by mail or online platform. Participation in the competition is under a registration fee. The fee is 5,00 euro (five) to pay choosing between (only using mail):

·         by Bank Transfer to: Associazione Culturale “Il Sogno di Ulisse”                 

IBAN IT-91-D-07601-14700-001008154534

·         by Postal to: Associazione Culturale “Il Sogno di Ulisse”

C.C.P. n° 1008154534.

(Please, write in the reason for payment “Visioni Corte Film Festival 2015 admission fee”).

People who send all the material via paper mail must send us also the copy of charge slip.

• To take part in the competition all those concerned should send all the necessary material (see 3.5) to the address specified in section 3.6;

• Each author is responsible for the content of their work (see also 3.9);

• Each author may submit just one (1) single work, otherwise pain of exclusion, indicating the category which he intends to enter the competition;

• Participants will be responsible for delivery charges of all necessary materials, which in any case will not be returned;

• Each participant must be sure that he has complied with every request made by the Regulation, under penalty of exclusion;

• Participation in the competition provides for the acceptance of these rules.

2.3 Works admitted  to the competition

Works made in Italy or abroad since January 1, 2014 can participate in the selection. Foreign works, in order to be admitted, must be imperatively subtitled in Italian.

3.3 Required support

Works, in any way they have been taken and / or carried out, must be submitted for the contest in digital format, on CD and DVD, in high resolution (suitable for the screen in 6x4 meters)  or file in mp4 format to upload on one of the following platforms:, or Anyway, the signed entry form must be sent to our email address, specifying the title of the short movie and the platform you uploaded it.


3.4 Duration

All short films can’t be longer than time limit of 20 minutes (including opening and closing credits).

3.5 Required Materials

To be admitted to the pre-selection you need imperatively: Per i film stranieri: Lista dialoghi (in inglese o spagnolo) con minutaggio preciso di inizio e fine per ogni singola battuta

•        1 copy of the video in digital format DVD Video (.vob) (only using mail);

•        1 copy of the video on CD/DVD-Rom (in one of these file format: Avi, Mpeg, Mp4, Mov) (only using mail);

•        1 entry form (you can download it from, entirely completed in block capitals or using pc, signed and attached to the video or via email;

•        For foreign movies: the dialogue list in english or spanish with precise timing (the beginning and the end of each cue);

•        at least 3 representative photo of the short film (in jpeg format, no printed one), in horizontal level A4 (at least 300 dpi) which must be sent to the e-mail address or attached to the package on CD/DVD-ROM.

The lack of one of the items of the list will not allow the access to pre-selection. It’s welcome but optional a personal file about information of the director and a poster of the film.

3.6 Deadline to send materials

All material must be strictly send no later than June 30th, 2015 (as confirmed by the postmark) to the following address:

Visioni Corte Film Festival

Associazione Culturale "Il Sogno di Ulisse"

c/o Gisella Calabrese - Via Luigi Cadorna 147

04026 Minturno (LT)


3.7 Safeguard

The Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse" is not responsible for damaged packages and / or received in late, or of any theft or loss. Each author is personally responsible for the content of their work.

3.8 Patent right

The participation of a short film in this competition imply that the Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse" has the free rights of the work (non-exclusive), for purposes related to the event, subject to authorization by the appropriate space on the entry form. The organization will have all the rights of use, with no time limit, of duplication and distribution of the products received, which will still be used in a non-profit cultural and propaganda activities of the own event. The copies of the participant short films will not be returned, but they will be collected in the archives of the audiovisual section of the Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse".

3.9 Copyright

The Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse" refuses all responsibility due to the reproduction of short  films containing material covered by copyright for which the participants have not regularized the situation with the SIAE.

3.10 Privacy Policy

All personal information collected by the Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse" will be treated in compliance with Legislative Decree 196 of 30 June 2003 on the privacy policy.

3.11 Returning

In controversial cases and for all matters not expressly provided in this announcement the final judgment is up to the Cultural Association "Il Sogno di Ulisse".


For further information visit our website:

Or send an e-mail to:

If you have further questions please contact:

Dott.ssa Gisella Calabrese: + 39 347 4615 269

Dott. Giuseppe Mallozzi: + 39 340 2753 738


Twitter: @VisioniCorte

Friss Hús

Daazo - the European Shortfilm Centre proudly presents the 3rd edition of the Friss Hús International Shortfilm Festival, which will take place at the end of March 2015 in Budapest, Hungary. The success of the last two years made it possible for Friss Hús to become one of the most important shortfilm events in Hungary.
The long term plan of the organisers of Friss Hús is to make sure that the event becomes an internationally acclaimed festival where the audience can watch entertaining and colourful short film selections and where the filmmakers can meet important professionals from the film industry as well as attend special workshops.
The animated and live fiction films can be submitted to Friss Hús until 31th December 2014. The maximum length of the films cannot exceed 30 minutes.
This year  - because over the last two years we received so many great films - we decided to separate the awards into three sections: Hungarian live fiction, Hungarian animated short film, and international live action&animation.

We hope to see you in Budapest at the Friss Hús screenings, for an all night long party or at one of the festival's professional events! We are looking for short films that were made with passion, a huge dose of creativity and an eye for innovation and quality. Be unique!

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