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Video Entrance to the Palais and the Cannes Market

Red carpet, stars, croisette, cocktail dress, limo... this is Cannes. The magic of the festival. But only the magic of it. Most of the professional here are part of the market. Buy and sell, looking at the next success, this is the fist of the International Festival of Cannes. There are not only movies. You can find everything about cinema. Some people sell chairs for theaters, video cameras, posters, everything can be found around here. This unknown part of Cannes looks more like a village market on a Sunday morning than like the perfect shiny dream we see on TV. Of course, all you thought about Cannes is real too but it's not the main part of it. The inflow of money is amazing and conduces to two opposite milieu. You can meet the first one during the night. Those crazy night birds spend millions euros in champagne, cars, suites, fake breast, drugs and so on. This is the shiny part. From the middle of the afternoon till the sunrise, in this happy-go-lucky wave of parties, rich people come to can to give a chance to the proletarian to have fun with them for the luckiest, or just to look at them for real for once for the most of us. The second milieu is everywhere; it's even part of the previous one. This is the hard-working milieu. 24/7 they meet as many people as they can, spread professional cards all around Cannes, go to the parties, conferences, theaters, everywhere there is someone with something to sell or to buy. Those people who literally make the festival own there headquarter. It's not hiding anywhere; this is here, right in the Palais des Festival. Its location is pretty relevant. Level -1. The only one underground, the one you're not supposed to see but as close to the main entrance as theaters and medias.

Code Of Confusion: The Critics Versus The Public

Well, if one needed further proof of how far apart most film critics are from the cinematic tastes of the general public, you need look no further than THE DA VINCI CODE. The film, which famously opened this year’s Cannes Film Festival, was practically laughed at by assembled critics on the Croisette, who had come to bury the film, not praise it. When the film opened internationally this past weekend, more film critics joined the chorus of nay-sayers, calling the film everything from “borin...

The Search For (Some, Any) News on Cannes......

During my current experiment of trying to "do" Cannes while not actually being there (in others words, virtually if not physically), it is quite astonishing to me that so little actual coverage is available to the average American consumer. Yes, we did catch a glimpse of Tom Hanks on the red carpet, and read much speculation about the fate of THE DA VINCI CODE, but it seems that anything that is not part of the tyranny of celebrity gossip finds scant space in American newspapers or television s...

Short Film Corner: more films, more participants, more room

Created in 2004 as a continuation of the initiatives by the Festival de Cannes to encourage new creative work, the Short Film Corner has become a focal point for shorts. Acting as a bridge between shorts and features, it strengthens the ties between the actions of the Festival de Cannes and Film Market. This year, the SFC brings together around 940 short films (compared to 617 last year), which, for the most part, have never been seen before, from around 50 different countries. The films present...

Fondation LibanCinéma at the Film Market

For the second consecutive year, the Fondation LibanCinéma (FLC) is taking part in the Cannes Film Festival by participating in the Film Market, thus providing Lebanese cinema with a bridge towards the international market. Three screenings illustrating the diversity of Lebanese film production are organized as follows: May 23rd at 4 pm, Palais F, 115 mn: Bosta by Philippe Aractingi, best box-office of the year. May 23rd at 8:30 pm, Palais G, 88m:A perfect day by Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil...

Marché du Film in Cannes ready

In complement to and inseparable from the Festival de Cannes, the Marché du Film is home to the international motion-picture trade. Each and every year, it welcomes producers, international sales agents, distributors and financiers alike hailing from more than 80 different countries. In 2006, the Film Market should top the bar of 10,000 attendees. This steady increase has made the Film Market the world's number-one meeting-place for motion-picture industry professionals. With over 1,400 scree...