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Visionary Film Festival

Hey Filmmakers: Submit Your Films To Be Discovered. Register for Free. Now you can enter your film into the Visionary Film Festival thru @FilmFreeway! Take a look:

Foresight Filmfestival N° 2

Under the banner GAME CHANGERS – HOW DO WE WANT TO LIVE? HOW WILL WE LIVE? the second Foresight Filmfestival, supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), will take place in Halle (Saale) on June 30th 2016.

Until May 15th 2016 researchers, scientists, filmmakers and project developers are called to submit their filmic vision on our current topics to the competition of Foresight Filmfestival N° 2.

2016 Discussion Topics
1. From Do-it-yourself to Do-it-together. Transformation through exchanging, sharing and doing-it-yourself?
2. Digital Competence.How, where and what will we learn in 2035?
3. Future is Open Space? Self-organisation and swarm intelligence as a key to innovation?

Format and Deadline

The clips should be a minimum of thirty seconds and a maximum of four minutes long
Deadline for submitting spots is May 15th 2016

5 Prizes – 4 x 3.000 Euro, 1 x Young Talent Award
Our expert jury will select the winning spot in each category. The winners will each receive an award and € 3,000 in prize money, presented by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).
Furthermore, on June 30th 2016, the audience will decide live and online on the best 2016 Foresight short film. The winner will receive an award and € 3,000 in prize money. This prize is given by Working World Exhibition (DASA), an institution of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAUA). Our fourth prize, sponsored by Skript Akademie Drehbuch, is especially for young talents and offers an advanced training course at Skript Akademie, worth € 3.160.

About the Initiative

The Foresight Filmfestival is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the direction of the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg in close cooperation with science2public, the Society for Science Communication, and the Fraunhofer Institute of Systems and Innovative Research (ISI).

Foresight Open
Junior researchers and film makers, forward and lateral thinkers of all disciplines come across with renowned future experts in an open space on the day following the festival (01/07/16). They will discuss ideas for a world ahead, they will design storyboards as visual foundation for selected future topics of the foresight process. At the final presentation, with the MDR among others, a prize will be awarded for best science communication.
We are looking forward to your submissions!

More information:


Milwaukee Film Festival

About Milwaukee Film
Mission: To entertain, educate, and engage our community through cinematic experiences.

Visit for information on the film festival, the organization, membership, special events, and to sign up for the weekly email newsletter. Connect with Milwaukee Film on Facebook (, Twitter (@mkefilm), and Instagram (@mkefilm).

The Disability Film Challenge

Register today for the Disability Film Challenge, an annual weekend short film race April 1st-3rd. Entrants are given 48 hours to make a three to five minute film based on assigned genre and each film must have either an actor, writer, director, producer, or crew member with a disability on their team. Sign up today and join in on this opportunity to bring awareness of the disability community through filmmaking and storytelling.
Short film entries must adhere to an assigned genre, props, and locations, that will be announced on April 1st. See below at the bottom of this festival listing for an example of last year's assignment.
Participants do not need to be disabled to enter the challenge, but must have someone who is disabled helping with production or acting in the short.
For additional information beyond what is included in this listing, please visit or
- Winner of "Best Filmmaker" will win a Dell tablet, a lunch and/or Skype meeting with legendary showrunner Shawn Ryan, who is best known for creating the groundbreaking series The Shield, and executive producing The Unit, Lie to Me, Last Resort, and Amazon's new hit series Mad Dogs. The winner will also have their film screened at the 11th annual Hollyshorts Film Festival at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood in August 2016.
- Winner of "Best Actor" will win a lunch and/or Skype meeting with Pam Dixon, a casting director with over 30 years in the industry casting such titles as Green Lantern, The Mask of Zorrom and City Slickers. This will be her third year mentoring and in the past she has set up meetings between winners and agents.
- Winner of "Best Film" will win a Dell Workstation, a lunch and/or Skype meeting with Roy Ashton, Head of the TV Literary & Packaging Dept. at The Gersh Agency. Ashton functions in all areas of Television, helping clients sell shows and package projects at the major networks, major cable and premium cable outlets. Some of the shows he has been involved with are: CASTLE, GAME OF THRONES, BLUEBLOODS, THE KILLING, FALLING SKIES, THE MIDDLE, POWER, and many more. They will also have their film screened at the 11th annual Hollyshorts Film Festival at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood in August 2016.
The winner of 3rd Annual Disability Film Challenge "Social Media Award" will receive a Dell tablet so that they can do their marketing on the go.  The winner will also receive a mentor meeting with writer producer David Isaacs. 
David Isaacs has worked as TV and Film Writer/Producers for over 40 years. Along with his writing partner Ken Levine he has written multiple episodes and served as Producer or Creative Consultant for series such as M*A*S*H*, Cheers, Wings, Frasier and Becker. He co-created the CBS series, Almost Perfect and served as Consulting Producer on Mad Men.
Isaacs has been nominated eight times for the Writers Guild of America Award and won twice for Cheers and once for Mad Men. He has six Emmy nominations with one win for co-producing the first season of Cheers.
David Isaacs has served as Professor of Screen and Television Writing in the USC School of Cinematic Arts since 2011.  
*The lunch meetings and/or Skype meetings (if the winner is out of town) will come with no strings attached and will be strictly for advice. Mentors will not be able to accept any unsolicited materials.
Winning films will also screen at the TCL Chinese Theatre during the HollyShorts Film Festival and receive Dell Tablets and Dell Mobile Workstations.
Our recent mentors have included Peter Farrelly (Dumb and Dumber 1& 2, There's Something About Mary), Erin O'Malley (Executive Producer of Curb Your Enthusiasm, The New Girl), Max Borenstein (writer of Godzilla, Skull Island, Minority Report) and casting director Pam Dixon (Mask of Zorro, City Slickers).
A message from the challenge's founder, Nic Novicki:
" I have been a working actor for thirteen years, on such shows as "Boardwalk Empire", "The Sopranos", and "Private Practice". As a disabled person myself, I rarely see disability present either in front of or behind the camera. As a producer, I realized that I have the power to change that. Since then, I have produced a multitude of projects and enlisted in the PGA.
I want this film challenge to empower disabled filmmakers, by taking their careers into their own hands with the support of seasoned veterans. Also creating a gateway for more exposure for people with disabilities in the media. "
The film challenge's purpose is to motivate disabled and non-disabled film makers to be proactive in the film industry and to supply them with a means of exposure for themselves and their projects.
-Testimony from Jenna Kannell, Winner Best Film, 2015 Disability Film Challenge:
"Entering the Disability Film Challenge changed my life. Though tough, it's fun and immeasurably worth the effort. I got to meet with an incredible mentor, and had the opportunity to watch my film "Bumblebees" in the legendary Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Winning the DFC inspired me to try what I never thought I was capable of. As of now, my film has been accepted into twenty four film festivals, won five awards, received three nominations and three honorable mentions, gained two distributors, and is being used in schools to facilitate dialogues on compassion and disabilities. The film brought me closer to my family and my brother, who the story is about, encouraging him to speak in front of crowds and inspire dozens of people. It took me all over the globe, and brought me to discover a love for filmmaking I didn't know I had; I couldn't be more grateful. Even if we hadn't won, the experience alone of making a film in 48 hours is incomparable. The competition encourages the representation of a population often ignored by popular culture, honoring storytelling, equality, and empathy at a time when our society deeply needs it. The Disability Film Challenge is absolutely amazing."
-Testimony from Steve Way, Winner Best Actor, 2015 Disability Film Challenge
"Words can’t describe how much fun I had participating in the 48 Hour Disability Film Challenge. While I had a great experience, it’s also an important and necessary outlet for people with disabilities to showcase their skills and to be recognized for them."
-Testimony from Stephen and Lori Saux, Winners Social Media Award, 2015
"Thank you for the Disability Film Challenge. It was a great weekend. Stephen and I pushed ourselves and were able to see what we could do with 48 hours, 2 iPhones, a laptop, two kids, and no babysitter."
-Testimony from Rachel Handler, Winner Best Actor, 2014 Disability Film Challenge:
"This film challenge was the perfect opportunity to create my first short film. The time limits pushed me to write and finish a script. Winning the best actor award gave me the chance to meet with a casting director in LA, which lead to landing my first agent in Hollywood!"
An example of the 2015 Disability Film Challenge Assignment:
Last year the assigned genre was "Romantic Comedy" and props included items such as "balloon", "hairbrush", etc... Location options were settings such as "The Park", "The Beach", "In a Home", etc... This is not the genre, assigned props, or location options for this year's challenge, but merely an example of what types of rules to expect to be announced on April 1st.
Special Note* -You can replace your link or uploaded footage in your FilmFreeway entry after you have completed your film.


International Horror Film Festival

The 2016 International Horror Film Festival is a world class event honoring the best in American and international horror filmmaking. The festival will be held October 21-27, 2016 at Cinema Village, located in NYC's Greenwich Village. The IHFF will bring the horror community together for a series of screenings, Q&As, appearances, special events and an award ceremony. Selected films will be screened alongside some of the most iconic horror movies of all time. 
As part of this year's festival, we will be honoring the legacy of horror icon Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, Last House on the Left), who passed away in 2015.

VIFF 2016 - Vienna Independent Film Festival

Welcome to VIFF Vienna Independent Film Festival!

We invite filmmakers from all over the world to submit their films to our international film festival which will take place in Vienna. Our judges appreciate the auteur cinema - films made with a unique artistic vision.
The goal of our festival is to find new talented filmmakers who will be able to approach the heights of cinematography created by geniuses like Antonioni, Fellini, Tarkovsky, Bergman, Visconti, Godard.

Now, when the whole world has a tendency towards commercialization, we appreciate free spirit, new ideas an independent point of view and new approaches. Not the budget of the film but solely talent should be the criteria for the film's success.

We appreciate films made without the benefits of large budgets and unnecessary technological sophistication. The festival encourages individuality and experimentation. With the rapid development of film equipment, cinematography becomes more and more affordable for independent filmmakers. Now all we need are new ideas and exposure for these ideas. Our film festival will provide this exposure for new outstanding films.

The Vienna Independent Film Festival is an important event and will consist of the film screening, meeting with participants and industry representatives, social events and seminars. This red-carpet event will be hosted by surprise guests. Our program is unique and most of the films cannot be seen in the mainstream theaters.

Vienna is a perfect spot for an event like this. It is from this place that cinematographers such as Fritz Lang, Billy Wilder, Josef von Sternberg, Fred Zinnemann, Otto Preminger and actors like Romy Schneider, Hedy Lamarr, Helmut Berger, Maximilian Schell, Arnold Schwarzenegger came to conquer the world.

It is still an important center of cinematography. The great traditions of Austrian cinema have been continued by the Oscar and Palme d'Or winning director Michael Haneke.

Our aim is to present the most outstanding films produced in every part of the world to reach international success.

All the films should be in English or have English subtitles.

Grand Prix of the festival - The Golden Sphinx is a symbol of mystery and wisdom, as we believe that there is an element of mystery in any real piece of art. It will be awarded to the Best Film, Best Director, Best Short Film, Best Documentary and Best Music Video.

Certificates and prizes will be presented on the final night to producers attending the festival or sent by email or post.

All selected films will be featured on our website in a film catalog.

We guarantee that your film will be viewed by our international community and will be judged by a jury of film professionals. The Festival will host numerous opportunities to connect with enthusiastic new audiences, fellow filmmakers, film industry professionals, non-profit organizations and the media in the beautiful city of Vienna.

New Renaissance Film Festival (London, UK)


The Renaissance in the 15th century was a time when art was at its height. With the digital revolution artists have a golden opportunity, once again, to shape culture and to create art for the sake of beauty or truth, to reflect, to question and to enhance peace.

This is why we have established the New Renaissance Film Festival, in LONDON, one of Europe’s greatest film cities – to support and champion the first wave of independent filmmakers and screenwriters in this new era.

During the festival we will show about 40-60 short films. This will include a variety of narrative shorts, animations and documentaries. Simultaneously, we run a screenplay competition and will present the awards to the winners during the festival.

Very close to our heart is the Young Talent Award. This is an award for screenwriting and for short films, that will be presented to young talent between the ages of 16-21.

Film is a unique medium, and we hope to help new filmmakers and screenwriters to fulfill their dream in telling their stories and showcase their work.