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EyeCatcher International Film Festival

EyeCatcher International Film Festival will premiere in Novemember of 2015.

It will highlight artists in the all generes and categories.

Entries can be made via Film Freway and Withouta Box

Please visit our website:

for all terms and conditions and awards


Top Honor of the 2015 Creative Eye will be awarded with a $500 prize

International Oriental Film Festival 2015

The International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva is supported by the City of Geneva’ Department for Culture and other significant partners. This year, the Festival celebrates its 10th edition. Its organization is led by the “FIFOG” association in partnership with other organizations that promote cinema, cultural dialogue and cultural diversity. The event will be held between March 20rd and 29th 2015, in several venues that include the Cinemas of “Grütli”, Versoix, Lausanne and neighbouring France.


The 2015 edition will host around 100 movies of a wide range of genres that originate from Eastern countries as well as Western countries. These movies are meant to showcase high quality and tackle human values, while being thought-provocative. The agenda thus reflects the association’s quest to pursue an understanding of Eastern societies and to question the cultural barriers between the East and the West, by means of exclusive fiction movies, documentaries and short movies. The aim of FIFOG is also to spark a debate on various themes that pertain equally to the East as to the West, and to facilitate dialogue and understanding between the two. At the same time, FIFOG offers a platform for young film directors who can be Swiss and also from the East. This year’s theme centres on: the body and whether it constitutes a fantastical object and/or whether it represents an expression of ideologies.


A series of movies will examine the relationship artists cultivate in relation to the body in cinema: fantastical object and / or space of ideological expression. The movies will be grouped along the following categories: “The Orient in all its forms”; “Voices and visions of women”; “Voices and visions of America”; “Perspectives: East-West and Switzerland-East“; “Migration and Integration”; and “FI-FON-FAN” (the festival of children). In parallel, 5 prizes will be awarded and for each category; a Golden FIFOG and a Silver FIFOG will be presented respectively to winners and runners-up.

Fantoche – International Animation Film Festival

The international show of animation film has become one of the world’s most prominent animation festivals and is the largest cultural event in Switzerland that is devoted exclusively to the full array of animation techniques, content and media. Since making its debut back in 1995, Fantoche has shown thousands of short and long films from around the world. It offers the very best in entertainment for young and old alike, makes new discoveries for all animated film buffs and serves as a meeting place for animation specialists in Switzerland and abroad.

Archived festival (terminated)

International Scientific Film Festival in Szolnok

The International Scientific Film Festival in Szolnok (8-11 October 2015) provides forum for such distinct films which can somehow, in some way be connected to science: are about some scientific result or work, or in their action, language and presentation give place to science.

This will have been the 14th year that the International Scientific Film Festival with a wide spectrum of topics has started its way. Since 2001, every other year a film forum emerged on which the creators of film and science had the opportunity to display their work that had a scientific theme. During the last decade scientific educational films, documentaries and portraits about science, short and long features, experimentals with a scientific topic, documentaries dealing with protection of nature and environment, and films dealing with the relationship of science and fake science took place.

Our aim is to spread the wide spectrum of films to the audience, to university and college students in and outside the country who major in film studies, and to pass more and more of these films to one of the tv channels. For this reason, at the 2015 film festival we are organizing the meeting of Central European Universities called Trans Europe Express and a conference belonging to this. On this occasion we are especially dealing with the current situation of film discipline. We are welcoming again this year students and teachers of film universities, filmmakers and those who are interested in science and in films.


We expect films to the Festival in the following subjects:

→ Scientific educational films, which deal with science related questions in a new creative way.

→ Documentaries and portraits about science, scientific discoveries.

→ Short and long features, which give science or scientific activities an important part in the action of the film.

→ Experimental films, which use the results of science and technique, in order to renew the moving picture expression.

→ Films dealing with the relationship of science and fake science.

→ Mock documentaries, which introduce nonexistent scientific innovations as if they were existing.

→ Documentaries dealing with the protection of nature and environment.


You can register online to the International Scientific Film Festival by filling in an online registration form until 20 May 2015. There is no entry fee. We are going to publicize the list of films in competition in mid august. We also welcome ideas of programs that suit the theme of the festival, enrich its program and address a wider public.

Let's meet at the International Scientific Film Festival in Szolnok in October, 2015!
István Demeter
Festival Director

Festival address:

Tisza Mozi Kft.

Hungary 5000 Szolnok, Templom u. 4.



+36 56 424910



+36 56 420038






The Unmentionables Film Festival

Are you looking to change the conversation around menstruation?  Are you interested in demonstrating how this biological occurrence is not simply a "girl problem," but an experience that touches us all in profound and unexpected ways?
If so, we want to hear from you.
The Unmentionables Film Festival is an annual theme-based program that will focus on a different “taboo” topic each year.  The inaugural program, "Vol. I: Menstruation,"  will present a week-long celebratory exploration of menstruation at Maysles Cinema, an independent film house in Manhattan.

FilmNITE Film Festival

FilmNITE on selected Friday evenings from January through April.

FilmNITE is an interactive experience where local filmmakers and photographers introduce their work, present their work, and discuss their work with audience participants within the intimate confines of the newly created grotto-like space downstairs at Bahrs Landing. While FilmNITE features local film artists, the subject matter spans local and global themes and ranges from the serious, to the silly, to the sublime.


Bahr's Landing Restaurant

1 Bay Ave Highlands Borough, New Jersey

Local Filmmakers Go UNDERGROUND with Global Themes and Imagery

Highlands, NJ is most often associated with clamming, national park beaches, great restaurants, prohibition rum-running, and Marconi’s transmission from the highest point on the Eastern seaboard. Rich in natural beauty and historically significant, Highlands and the surrounding area is also home to many world class filmmakers and photographers.

In recognition of this amazing resource, Highlands Borough Arts Council (HBAC) and Bahrs Landing Restaurant will be hosting FilmNITE on selected Friday evenings from January through April. FilmNITE is an interactive experience where local filmmakers and photographers introduce their work, present their work, and discuss their work with audience participants within the intimate confines of the newly created grotto-like space downstairs at Bahrs Landing. While FilmNITE features local film artists, the subject matter spans local and global themes and ranges from the serious, to the silly, to the sublime.

This year’s program features world renowned, award winning filmmakers and photographers. The variety of styles and mediums being featured illustrate how film and photography have become an integral part of our daily life and how images represent a universal language. The documentary films, short video vines, and still photography being presented capture and chronicle the mundane and the monumental … and everything in between.

The program is rich in diversity, reflecting experiences and issues that transcend time and connect local to global. Collectively entitled Take a Walk on the Wild Side … in addition to featuring a screening of a newly released music video, the program highlights a people’s struggle in the wilderness of West Africa, the intricate symmetry of light fractals found in the wild, life in Wildwood, N.J., and the wildlife in the Antarctic region.

Please join us in celebrating these local artists as they share their work and their stories with us at Bahrs Landing, 2 Bay Avenue, Highlands NJ.

Friday Jan 30

7 – 9 pm

Gill Fickling



From the Solomon Islands, West Africa and Greece – stories of extraordinary people, their everyday challenges and triumphs.

Friday Feb 20

7 – 9 pm


and Gerda Liebmann



Experience A LOVE LIKE PI’s music video. Review multiple short videos and discuss how videos are the modern day electronic diary– capturing poignant moments and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Friday March 27

7 – 9 pm

Carol Cassidy


A documentary film focused on working class women and girls in America's last great blue-collar seaside carnival town.

Friday April 24

7 – 9 pm

Joan Bruno


How the darkest, coldest, windiest place in the world can be an oasis for the intrepid traveler.  


A detailed description of the films and film artists follows.


Gill Fickling

Friday, January 30

7 – 9 pm





    "Akhtar's Story" Migrating to another country in pursuit of safety and a better life has long been a way of coping with crisis; but for some, the quest can be tortuous and seemingly without end.

    “The Wood for the Trees"  In a remote corner of the Solomon Islands, a land of dense trees once populated by head-hunters, a struggle is underway – how to keep up with the 21st Century, while also protecting a way of life.

"People of the Forest" For most of us, owning a passport or identity card is something we take for granted.   Experience how the pygmies of West Africa have never been recognized as citizens of their own country.




For the past 12 years, Highlands-based film-maker, Gill Fickling, has been traveling the world making films for the United Nations covering issues of UN priority - human rights, climate change, women's health and safety, indigenous people's struggles, and the fight for democracy.  The films tell the stories of people's lives and how they are impacted by these themes, their brave struggles for survival and their courage overcoming challenges of the world's forgotten stories. Gill’s films have been shown at Film Festivals around the world as well as at numerous high-level events where global policy-makers are brought together under the UN umbrella.


Gerda Liebmann

Friday, Feb 20

7 – 9 pm






Music videos blazed the trail for short films fusing the power of music and imagery. Experience the local screening of A Love Like Pi’s Jack and the Giant music video with the band’s founder and frontman, Highlands native Lief Liebmann.


Short videos have become a modern day diary – capturing poignant moments and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Experience how Gerda Liebmann captures fleeting moments and memorializes them through short 1 to 5 minute films. Review several of her films, including the award winning A Line in the Sand and discuss the use of both music and silence in short films. Dialogue will include how passing moments can become eternal and how to create order out of chaos.




Formerly from Red Bank, now based in New York A LOVE LIKE PI is an electronic rock band. Their newly released EP, Jack and The Giant, was released through Krian Music Group on November 11th, 2014.


Gerda Liebmann was trained in graphic design at the Kunstgewerbechule in St. Gallen, Switzerland. She apprenticed in several top Swiss design studios before moving to the United States. Over time, Gerda transitioned from graphic arts to fine arts and her interests and her mediums expanded to canvas painting, installations, and digital media. Gerda’s work has been exhibited in the US, Europe and Asia and reflects her appreciation of simple beauty and the divine.

Carol Cassidy

Friday, March 27

7 – 9 pm




A documentary film focused on working class women and girls in America's last great blue-collar seaside carnival town. WILDWOOD is the first documentary by Highlands resident Carol Cassidy, who co-produced and co-directed. Critics called WILDWOOD “hilarious and heart-breaking.” Filmed 20 years ago, WILDWOOD, NJ won festival awards and played on international television. It sparked Carol Cassidy’s continued multi-media work in social justice issues, especially those of concern to women and girls.




Carol Cassidy is a multi-media director, producer, writer and editor who specializes in international human rights. She has worked in war zones, refugee camps and disaster areas in countries including Burma, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Bolivia and Peru. Cassidy has worked with the UN, BBC, PBS, CNN, Human Rights Watch and many others. Carol’s work has screened at art museums, film festivals and on international television. She is the author of GIRLS IN AMERICA, a book of interviews based on her documentary film series focused on adolescent girls. Cassidy also produces video biographies for families who want to capture and share life stories.

Joan Bruno

Friday, April 24

7 – 9 pm


How the darkest, coldest, windiest place in the world can be an oasis for the intrepid traveler.  


Join local globetrotter and extreme traveler Joan Bruno as she shares her captivating photos, video clips and insights of her multiple trips to the ever changing Antarctic. From preparation to penguins ... appreciate how weather, weight, and wonder dictate what to pack.   Re-live the transcontinental navigation with ships, ice-breakers and zodiacs.  Traverse the tundra from Snow Hill Island to the Ross Sea and Ice Shelf.  And yes, get a bird's eye view of Joan’s wildlife photos of seals, whales, and penguins - one of which was published in the 2014 National Wildlife Federation calendar.


Joan Bruno holds a doctorate in Speech-Language Pathology and has dedicated her professional career to working with severely speech-impaired children who rely on the use of technology to communicate. In her spare time Joan pursues two passions - travel and photography. She has journeyed across the seven continents, visiting Antarctica and the Sub-Antarctic on several occasions. She seeks out destinations where she can explore and experience unique cultures, remote environments and amazing wildlife. Photography provides her the challenge of capturing some of the incredible sights she see, to create images that spark a range of emotions in others.

ABOUT HBAC Highlands Borough Arts Council

HBAC mission: Improve the quality of life in Highlands Borough by helping the arts to flourish. For more information on HBAC including a listing of events and upcoming programs, please see our Facebook page or email us at

Highlands Borough Arts Council (HBAC) is a committee of Atlantic Highlands Arts Council (AHAC), a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  This program is made possible in part by Monmouth Arts through funding from the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the New Jersey State Council the Arts.

Luxembourg City Film Festival

The organising team of the Luxembourg City Film Festival is delighted to announce the artistic content of the fifth festival edition , which will take place from 26 February to 8 March 2015 in the City of Luxembourg at CINÉ UTOPIA, the CINÉMATHÈQUE DE LA VILLE DE LUXEMBOURG, UTOPOLIS-KIRCHBERG, CERCLE CITÉ and many cultural partner institutions in Luxembourg.


Born as Discovery Zone – Luxembourg City Film Festival in 2011, Luxembourg's official film festival has chosen to shorten and simplify its denomination to give it a better international visibility. The new graphic design has been entrusted to the Michel Welfringer agency, responsible among other things for the logo of the Cannes Directors' Fortnight.


BIG EYES (Tim Burton) and BABY(A)LONE (Donato Rotunno) will bookend the festival, emphasizing its two primary aspirations : offering a panorama of contemporary cinema and promoting the Luxembourg cinema.


In a difficult international context with festivals fighting tooth and nail for the hottest new films– the Artistic Committee in charge of the festival's programme is particularly proud to have secured some most recent and emblematic films of contemporary cinema. Thus,WHILE WE'RE YOUNG, directed by Noah Baumbach (FRANCES HA), combines a Hollywood A-list cast (Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts…) with an innovative screenplay. After showing CLOSED CURTAIN two years ago, the Festival remains faithful to the banned Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi, who is directing himself as a TAXI driver, his latest refreshing film, which will make its international début in Luxembourg a few days after the world première in Berlin. Central and Eastern Europe is particularly well represented this year, with the Kosovar Oscar-candidate THREE WINDOWS AND A HANGING, the astonishing animation project by the Latvian Signe Baumane, ROCKS IN MY POCKETS, and the Bulgarian THE LESSON (Kristina Grozeva, Peter Valchanov), which is currently winning acclaim on the festival circuit. Still further to the east, TEST bears witness to the strong visual power of current Russian cinema. From territories more regularly covered by the festival comes the Argentinian Chicago Prize winner REFUGIADO (Diego Lehrman), the highly original BLIND by Norwegian director Eskil Vogt and the smashing Greek film A BLAST whose director Syllas Tzoumerkas and main actress Angeliki Papoulia will make the journey to Luxembourg, The latest entry, German-Swiss production DORA OR THE SEXUAL NEUROSES OF OUR PARENTS (Stina Werenfels), will add a touch of spice to the competition.


Two years ago, THE ACT OF KILLING drew you into a whirlwind of emotions. It was thus logical for this year's festival to welcome THE LOOK OF SILENCE, the second chapter in Joshua Oppenheimer's exploration of the anti-Communist purge that led to hundreds of thousands of deaths in Indonesia. A prize-winner at Sundance just a few days ago, PERVERT PARK examines the lives of a handful of Americans condemned for sex crimes. The same country is home to Joe Arpaio, the most controversial sheriff in the United States. THE JOE SHOW (Randy Murray) is entirely devoted to this iconoclastic figure. Graphic artists who have chosen to make their mark on the façades of Sao Paulo's buildings, the PIXADORES (Amir Arsames Escandari) follows these unruly daredevils from the favelas….to Berlin. In the disturbing WAR OF LIES, Mathias Bittner, puts the blame for the American-Iraqi conflict on one single man, whereas Alexander Nanau draws a powerful and bigger than life portrait of the children of a Roma family in TOTO AND HIS SISTERS.


Two awards, the GRAND PRIX - BY ORANGE, worth €10,000, and the DOCUMENTARY AWARD - BY BGL BNP PARIBAS, worth €5,000, will be unveiled together with the YOUTH JURY PRIZE at the festival closing ceremony on 7 March (Utopolis, Kirchberg). For the first time, the Luxembourg film critics' association will award their own CRITICS' AWARD.


The Franco-Luxembourg journalist, radio host,and TV writer-director STEPHANE BERN has agreed to be part of the jury, alongside DESIRÉE NOSBUSCH, actress, presenter and director from Luxembourg. After showing his magnificent first film, MOURNING at the festival in 2012, the Iranian director MORTEZA FARSHBAF – who has just completed his second feature – will be back this time as a member of the jury. Co-starring with Jean Dujardin in OSS 117: RIO NE RÉPOND PLUS (OSS 117: LOST IN RIO), and known for her role in LES PETITS MOUCHOIRS (LITTLE WHITE LIES) by Guillaume Canet, LOUISE MONOT will return to Luxembourg, where she filmed PLAN DE TABLE. The jury will be completed by Ireland’s EITHNE O’NEIL, the experienced filmcritic of the renowned French film magazine POSITIF and SAÏD TAGHMAOUI, Actor. The Film LA HAINE earned him a César Award nomination for Most Promising Actor. He has since pursued an international career.


The French documentary producer ALAIN ESMERY will work together with the Belgian producer WILLY PERELSZTEJN and the producer, director and ex-manager of the Institut européen de cinéma et de l'audiovisuel (European cinema and audiovisual institute) in Nancy, REGIS LATOUCHE to select the best documentary film. They will be joined by NIELS VAN KOEVORDEN and SABINE LUBBE BAKKER, the directors of NE ME QUITTE PAS, which won the documentary competition last year.


A host of films chosen for their inventiveness, originality or importance in the contemporary cinema will complete the programme. 52 TUESDAYS bridges the gap between the young audiences programme and the general programme. An Iranian art-house tour de force, A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT follows a vampire in a chador in her terrifying nocturnal wanderings. The Luxembourg actress Vicky Krieps can be seen as THE CHAMBERMAID LYNN for which she has already received several acting awards. After a satirical comedy about a black students’ activism (DEAR WHITE PEOPLE), drone warfare (GOOD KILL), prepare for shudders with the latest release from Tetsuya Nakashima (THE WORLD OF KANAKO) and hold on to your seat at a film that won two awards last weekend at the Gérardmer fantasy film festival, GOODNIGHT MOMMY.


We will be making the most of Morteza Farshbaf's presence in the jury and invite him to a conversation about Iranian cinema, followed by a screening of the Persian thriller MELBOURNE. We will also have the honour of collaborating for the first time with the United Nations and present a film of their CINE-ONU programme, THE SUPREME PRICE, which examines the situation of women in Nigeria. The Academy Award winner production designer ALLAN STARSKI (“Schindler’s List”) will show Polanski’s OLIVER TWIST after his masterclass. And you mustn’t miss the conference on transmedia storytelling with a case study of the prize-winning SOUNDHUNTERS (A-Bahn) nor the 9th NISI MASA EUROPEAN SHORT PITCH co-production forum.


Apart from Donato Rotunno’s BABY(A)LONE that will close the festival, films from Luxembourg are well represented this year. BLACK HARVEST (Jean-Louis Schuller, Sean Clark) is a documentary on fracking and the human migration it causes. Academy Award Nominee D'MELODIE VUM MIER (Tomm Moore), nominated has its Luxembourgish-language première. Another animation film produced by Mélusine, EXTRAORDINARY TALES (Raul Garcia) will finally be unveiled in its complete version. Having opened the recent MAX OPHÜLS festival, LES BRIGANDS (Frank Hoffmann, Pol Cruchten) will have its Luxembourg première in the presence of the directors and actor Tchéky Karyo. The highly acclaimed MELODY (Bernard Bellefroid), the touching OOOPS! DE NOAH ASS FORT… (Toby Genkel, Sean McCormack) and the family film SECRETS OF WAR (Dennis Bots) complete the Made in Luxembourg programme which also includes the eagerly awaited SHORT FILMS NIGHT.


The "Ratskeller" exhibition space at Cercle Cité in the heart of Luxembourg-City will become an ideal meeting place inbetween screenings, hosting the URBAN "POP-UP" BAR. Here you can admire the exhibition MELANCHOLIC DISLOCATION by Martine Feipel and Jean Bechameil, produced jointly by LUXEMBOURG CITY FILM FESTIVAL and CERCLE CITE.

The festival also extends OUTSIDE THE WALLS

The CARRÉROTONDES will welcome TRAINS OF THOUGHTS, a CinéLive event with the Austrian group SOFA SURFERS, as well as the 20TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY of TARANTULA. The CASINO LUXEMBOURG – FORUM D’ART CONTEMPORAIN will come to CINÉ UTOPIA to present THE SCORPION’S STING, an artistic short film project inspired by LUIS BUNUEL's L’ÂGE D’OR. NEIMËNSTER will host the screening of I AM FEMEN, a documentary by Alain Margot about the militant feminist group, in the presence of Oksana Shachko, one of its founders. MUDAM invites you to a screening of EPISODE OF THE SEA, an astonishing documentary film by two artists, Lonnie van Brummelen and Siebren de Haan, who examine the lives of the population of a peninsula undergoing a profound transformation.


We have already received over 4,000 school registrations for the Young Audiences films and workshops. The festival has always made young audiences one of its main priorities, and there was a massive response from schools.


The event's major institutional sponsors are the Ministry of Culture and the City of Luxembourg. The main private sponsor of the festival is the UTOPIA S.A. group. The Centre national de l'audiovisuel, the Cinémathèque de la Ville de Luxembourg, Film Fund Luxembourg and several associations of film professionals are all jointly supporting this fifth festival edition. 

The festival is also proud to renew its partnerships with its official sponsors ORANGE Luxembourg and BGL BNP PARIBAS and happy to be able to rely on its historic supporters, the CHAMBRE DE COMMERCE, MERCEDES-BENZ LUXEMBOURG, LUXAIR, Imprimerie FABER and CERCLE CITÉ.

Stay in touch via our official website and the social networks to make sure you don't miss any news, schedule changes or guest announcements.

The G2 Green Earth Film Festival

G2 Green Earth Film Festival

October 16-17 and 23-24, 2015

Call for filmmakers
Early bird deadline: May 4, 2015
Final deadline: June 29, 2015
Professional, first time, graduate, undergraduate and emerging filmmakers are encouraged to submit films. Download application here (include link to app) or email for an application and more information.

The G2 Gallery is proud to announce its 3rd Annual G2 Green Earth Film Festival featuring eco-conscious shorts and feature-length documentaries. We will screen films produced locally and globally by eco-friendly filmmakers who have turned their cameras toward a specific environmental issue, challenge or success. 

The 2015 G2 Green Earth Film Festival will build on last year’s success, which featured documentaries from Robert Redford, Jeremy Irons and other acclaimed filmmakers, along with emerging documentarians.

Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival

5th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival-15, India

To mark the birth anniversary of father of Indian Cinema


India’s only independent and most reputed film festival announcing Call for Entries:


Feature Films | Shorts Films | Animation | Documentary | Music Videos | Ad Films


Submission deadlines:


Regular deadline: 15 March 2015

Late deadline: 30 March 2015


Festival date: 30 April 2015