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ARKIPEL Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival

In its third occasion, ARKIPEL will present the theme GRAND ILLUSIONwhich departs from a film produced in 1937 by one of the world cinema masters, Jean Renoir. The idea of this film was coming from the bookThe Great Illusion, A Study of the Relation of Military Power to National Advantage by Norman Angell in 1910. The book was about humane criticism during World War I. Renoir and Angell’s idea was to look at how the problem of humanity in our civilization had been banished by conflict and political choices.

GRAND ILLUSION is a very relevant and important theme to be presented in the upcoming ARKIPEL 2015. On one side, it refers to the quite good development of democracy in Indonesia these recent years and also to the dynamic situation of international socio-political sphere. However, on the other side behind it all there are still lots of humanity issues in the history of this nation that have not been solved yet. The history of humanity is blanketed by several socio-political interests and the power of capital. The history of humanity is still clouded to maintain the power of certain groups.

Then how the role of cinema to look at this production of socio-political illusion since its birth in our civilization? Illusion was already a key word of cinema since the get-go. The celluloid recording had mesmerized the human civilization and gave the moving image experience that was unimaginable beforehand. The illusion produced by cinema at the end was developed not only in the aesthetic (form) field, but also utilized to produce illusions related to socio-political, cultural, and economic issues. This is what ARKIPEL going to read and present at the ARKIPEL Jakarta International Documentary & Experimental Film Festival 2015.

Indonesia as one of the nations which socio-political history is full of illusion; illusion that was produced by the Country. GRAND ILLUSION is becoming a strategy for ARKIPEL to read how the illusion was produced, distributed, and reproduced to its effect on the journey of nations in other parts of the world.

The 3rd ARKIPEL film festival is not only an event for filmmaker, but also for film curator to pouring thought, idea, and creativity regarding this year’s theme, GRAND ILLUSION. Both submissions will be opened for three months until May 8, 2015 to provide opportunities of broad interpretation of the film festival theme—the scope ranges from domestic to mass matters, and because cinema has an ability to explore the border between reality and illusion

Archived festival (terminated)

SoundTrack_Cologne 12

SoundTrack_Cologne will take place for the 12th time in 2015. It is the largest German trade fair for music and sound in film, games and media, and a source of inspiration for the growing landscape of festivals and congresses in Europe. In some 30 round tables, panels, workshops and networking events, the focus is on current developments in the culture, law, marketing and technics of media music as well as business cases, professionalization and networking. The training of the younger generation of students is a central theme. And for the general public, there are also about 30 festival events with films about music.


Our health is a matter for all !

The main aim of ImagéSanté is to promote and raise awareness of health, which finds its concrete expression in the form of a Documentary Film Festival, workshops and conferences. ImagéSanté also aims, via the live broadcasting of surgical operations, to play down the gravity of certain surgical procedures among the general public. Via these two fundamental aspects of its programming, the Film Festival and its Broadcasts, ImagéSanté has become an essential event that offers a perspective mixing cinema, science and health.


Green-Go Short Film Contest

The Green-Go International Short Film Contest aims to gather environmentally and socially conscious youngsters to organize the contest and the festival on one hand, and on the other hand, to inspire youngsters to creatively express their ideas in a 
short film format. With the shorts, we aim to raise awareness on environmental and social problems at global, European and national level. With Green-Go festival, we wish to create the basis of a sustainable green film event that activates both youngsters and the civil society, attracts interested people and stakeholders and generates dialogues within the whole society about key eco-social questions.
Within the film contest, we accept shorts in three categories to reflect on European awareness, global environmental and social problems and the connection between biodiversity and society.

This year we are awaiting short films (and Testimonies!) in the following three categories:


Deadline: 15 September 2015 !


New Urbanism Film Festival

The New Urbanism Film Festival was created to move the conversation about urban planning out of the text book and beyond the council chambers and into the movie theater.

How we design our cities effects everyone, not just legislatively and academically, but in a real day to day sense.  Safe sidewalks and open spaces encourage healthy lifestyle habits for ourselves and our community.  Not to mention safe driving and more bicycling, etc.

To encourage a broader audience for planning conversations we founded a film festival. To generate better films about the issues of planning, we made it a competition.  We hope that through the screenings of these films we will regenerate a dialogue between the academic, the advocate, the planner, and the public.

Now in our third year, we are reaching even broader audiences, inviting more voices to join the conversation about creating better places.

The 2015 Festival will be held October 8-11  in Los Angeles at the ACME Theater:

135 N. La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Plein la Bobine

Festival international de cinéma à destination des jeunes publics, Plein la Bobine poursuit son développement dans le massif du Sancy et étend, plus généralement, son rayonnement à l’international. Ainsi, cette année, ce sont plus de 1000 films en provenance de plus de 70 pays qui ont été reçus !

À travers cette manifestation, l’association Plein la Bobine poursuit ses actions d’éducation à l’image et s’applique à proposer un rendez-vous de qualité, propre à l’éveil et à la curiosité artistique de tous.


Après une année 2014 aux couleurs du cirque et du monde forain, Plein la Bobine vous invite à vous plonger, cette année, dans les mondes marins. Aussi, vous pourrez prendre le large avec All is lost de J.C. Chandor et l’incroyable performance de Robert Redford ou bien encore, réveiller le pirate qui est en vous en participant à l’après-midi des moussaillons lors duquel chasse aux trésors et ciné-pataugeoire s’enchaîneront.

Ce sera également l’occasion de découvrir en avant-première Neige et les arbres magiques, programme de courts métrages des studios Folimage (sortie prévue en décembre 2015). Les garnements ne sauraient, quant à eux, rater les toutes nouvelles séances Sales mômes ! Enfin, pour la première fois, les Grands enfants auront droit à un programme mêlant coups de cœur, clins d’œil nostalgiques et humour décalé.

Plein la Bobine vous proposera également de naviguer vers de nouvelles destinations telles que le Portugal, à travers la carte blanche accordée cette année à l’Agência, ou bien encore la Lettonie, avec le coup de cœur à la société de production Animacijas Brigade (AB), reconnue pour son travail sur les animations en volume.

Comme à l’accoutumée, vous retrouverez une sélection des meilleurs films récents en compétition ou en panorama ainsi que des expositions pour de beaux moments d’évasion.


Plein la Bobine jettera l’ancre à La Bourboule du 13 au 19 juin : tous à bord de la 13e édition !

Halloween Horror Fest

Our mission is to celebrate great horror films and filmmakers from around the world and to provide greater opportunities for these films and their audiences to connect through the internet. 
I’m very excited to welcome everyone to the Halloween Horror Fest. This online festival provides us all the opportunity to celebrate 31 days of world class horror films and the filmmakers who terrify, disgust, and disturb us. 
I've been traveling to festivals around the globe for many years now, and I've seen amazing films that few people ever have the chance. But no matter how many films I can see, there are infinitely more I wish I could easily access. But even at the festivals, this is a daunting task. 
Hosting the festival online is the great equalizer, giving dedicated audiences the opportunity to watch as much as they want, when they want, in the comfort of their own home, with the ability to interact with filmmakers and notable individuals, such as yourselves, as much as they’d like.  You can see all the films you heard about from great genre festivals around the world, and beyond for one low price. (Like a Netflix subscription, but much better!) If you don’t have time to watch every film, don’t worry, many of them will be available on our Streaming On Demand platform after the festival period is over. 
This year, enjoy 31 days of Horror making the Halloween season your best one yet!
I hope you enjoy the festival as much as I do. 
Independently Yours, 
Benjamin Oberman
Founder | President | CEO


SANFIC, Santiago International Film Festival, is a cinematic, cultural, artistic, industrial and educational platform, as well as a privileged symbol for the city and the country of Chile.

In its eleventh version –SANFIC11– producers, directors, distributors, film critics, actors and audiences converge around the most recent and important productions from Chile and the world, giving Santiago and the whole country a unique context in which to come together and enjoy high-quality, current material.

The excellent results obtained in SANFIC10 –numerous attendance, international visitors, quality and novelty of the films shown, wide press coverage, diverse additional activities with high attendance and the growth we have seen in the important space SANFIC Industria– confirmed that SANFIC has become a referent for Chilean and international cinematic work: a cultural window through which Chile peeks and connects with the world. 

SANFIC11 has two feature film competitions: an international one, in which we include films from around the world; and a Chilean cinema competition, where the most recent local productions participate. Also, the Local Talent short film competition. Alongside this, we include a complete panorama of recent international feature films and a Work in Progress section for Latin American films in developmental stages.

The Festival’s parallel activities include panels, expositions and lectures dictated by important personalities of the local and international cinematic world, stemming from the universes of cinema, industry, education and culture.