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Online Film Sales Platform - Free


Hello fellow filmmakers, I know how hard it is to make a movie, and when it comes to selling it, its also another big challenge. To ease the pain, for those who can not afford to spend lots of money travelling to festivals and market, here is a zero option way to get your movie in the inbox of buyers from distribution companies and television channels.

Register at and add your film title, once approved an email will be sent to all registered buyers and if they like, they will request a screener and should they want to buy the rights, they will contact you directly.

OMS is available to help you negotiate the sale price, so if you get us involved we ask you to pay a commissions, otherwise there is no other middlemen.

Try it and if you like it, spread the word, its free you have nothing to loose.

Take care
Ajsa22 Inc launches Film Festivals App for iPhone

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Inc launches Film Festivals App for iPhone offers a mobile database of Film Festivals worldwide on the iPhone

Beverly Hills, CA (June 23, 2011) – Inc just announced the launch of their first iPhone app called “Film Festivals”. This application is a simple, easy to use and up to date database of the most influential Festivals worldwide with over 1000 listings in more than 80 countries, including Cannes, Los Angeles Film Festival, Sundance, Tribeca, Berlin Film Festival just to name a few. Our staff keeps in close contact with the Festivals in order to have accurate and up to date information including submission deadlines.

“Whether you’re a producer, actor, screenwriter or moviegoer, now you can make sure you have all the information you need in the palm of your hand. A one stop shop for all the top film festivals worldwide just a click away”, says Noemi Torres, application creator. “We hope users will enjoy this innovative way of searching and contacting festivals within this application. I’m confident it will make it easier to manage film festival schedules and buy tickets through the film festival link.”

The Film Festivals app is the first tool of its kind on the market. This app allows its users to quickly search, read about and contact film festivals within the app, with the capability to sync the festival dates to their iCal calendar and create a list of favorites within the app. For the moviegoer, it will make it fast and easy to compare the schedules for different film festivals and buy tickets through their site.

This application is now for sale through iTunes for $1.99 USD. Please visit iTunes or click here:


Established in 2002, Inc has been a leader in the wholesale co-location and bandwidth marketplace. Branching into iPhone application development as of 2009, Inc is steadily working on several projects including My Actor App, IAnesthesia, DogAt, among others. For more information about the Film Festivals Application for iPhone, please visit our website:

For all press inquiries please contact:
Noemi Torres
310-286-1107 - Phone
310-286-1133 - Fax

Changing mailing address


How do I change our mailing address?

hi Iwant to ask about


Iwant to ask about Namibia 2011.

What is it?


poker room




Animation Festival Entry Form Download

I've just attempted to download the entry form & my anti-virus software is warning not to download because of viruses. Is anyone else having problems? Thanks.

Call for Entries: sehsüchte 2011

On May 2-8, 2011, the 40th International Student Film Festival sehsüchte in
Potsdam-Babelsberg will present films from students and amateur filmmakers from all over the world. Notable jury members will award prizes to the best works totaling up to 50,000 euros in value.

Both short and long films can be submitted under the categories Feature,
Documentary, Animation, Music Videos and Children’s Film.

In addition, films from any category can be submitted in response to the featured
country of Turkey.

All students and amateur filmmakers are eligible.

The Prize for the Best Producer honors the best production value in a feature film
production. All students at German film schools who functioned as the producer in a feature film are eligible.

Young authors are called to apply for the Screenplay Prize. Unfilmed screenplays of films up to 45 minutes in length may be submitted.

The pitch! contest offers the chance to submit concepts (in exposé form) for the
categories of feature, documentary, series and gameshow. The pitch! participants
present these to an audience of industry experts.

Please pay close attention to the festival rules and the technical requirements with regard to accepted screening formats and digital data media.


The online registration form and other information can be found at:

Submission Deadline: 31. Januar 2011

Esther Rothstegge & Sarah Penger
Festival Administration

40. International Student Film Festival of the HFF „Konrad Wolf“
Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen "Konrad Wolf"
Marlene-Dietrich-Allee 11
14482 Potsdam-Babelsberg

Tel +49-331-62 02 780

Action initiative for Jafar Panahi

The Oslo Films From The South Festival urges The Berlinale to take the lead in a worldwide film festivalcampaign to support the release of Iranian Director Jafar Panahi.

”The Iranian regime "chops off his hands and stitches" Jafar Panahi’s mouth,” says Artistic Director Lasse Skagen of the Oslo Films From The South Festival (Oct6-16,2011). ”We urge the global society to express its abomination of the severe sentence of the acclaimed film director and challenge all film festivals in the world to show their protest in 2011 - by screening Panahi’s Silver Bear winner 2006 OFFSIDE and donating the revenue to the establishment of a fund that will support the director’s appeal and final release. We encourage The Berlinale to take the lead in the action for the campaign and coordinate the fund.

Jafar Panahis verdict: 6 years imprisonment for the director with his heart condition. A ban to make movies, write scripts, travel abroad and to talk with national and foreign media for the next 20 years.

Jafar Panahi opened the Oslo Films from the South Festival in 2006 with the Silver Bear winner OFFSIDE, for which he was present together with Abbas Kiarostami and Shirin Ebadi. In OFFSIDE he challenged the regime with a simple story about a young woman with a dream of attending the World Cup qualifying football match between Iran’s national soccer team and Bahrain. The Iranian Board of Imams rejected the film as being subversive and started investigations on the director. On March 1st, 2010, he was arrested and imprisoned at the Evian prison in Teheran. Allegedly because he was making a new film in his house. After an international outcry, even by the usually politically silent director, Abbas Kiarostami, and the fact he has a serious heart condition, he was released on bail 3 months later. But now that the sentence has been pronounced, it is far graver than expected.

The Oslo Films from the South will screen Jafar’s film OFFSIDE as a Special Screening Event during the October 6 to 16, 2011 event, and will donate the revenue to the cause of working for his appeal and release. We encourage all festivals in the world to make the same screening event for their festivals, creating a worldwide filmfestival movement. And we encourage The Berlinale to take responsibility and establish a fund that will work for this cause in 2011, and channel the support for festivals worldwide in the efforts for his appeal and release.
Oslo, january 6 2011

Sponsoren and MAEZEN for my projekts

Hello Ladies and Gentleman,
I wish you a merry christmas ans a happy new year with my own chanson:
"Christmas tiume , christmas time in the town in the city
here in MONACO are so pretty!
Christmas time, christmas time around the place
meet your friends, famaly and other from face to face! ..."

I like make a film "A LOVE for MONACO" with my own written chansons about Life and LOVE in MONACO for a new face for MONACO - Monaco is a perl which like develop a new character - more naturell!

many regards
reni von bifamo
innoivativ consult/representant

See you at the top

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I have been blogging since

I have been blogging since last 2 years and as a blogger about social media, I feel that you are very right that comments will be a growing area to watch this year. Like you say, comments keep the conversation going. They also provide additional insight to the readers and the bloggers. Comments offer a different perspective and put a "face" to the readership.Orange County Web Design

film maker

Rainbow association
Within the framework of our activities for persons of the 3rd age we look for on the theme of the cinema, the French film-maker who took the American nationality, died in 1970
We would be grateful to you if you could make us your contribution and thank you beforehand
Yves Taragnat
63460 Beauregard-Vendon

angel film festival/award , MONACO

Mafia in the filmindustrie is often a question?
I'm connected with the films since over 10 years and I visit every years the angel films and other!
I wrote and write manuscripts for films, aplay as actor and I designed the clothes!

Now I ask for a place in the Jury by the angel film festival over 6 mounth ago, no answer and I like to visit today ( is open for all people to visit the films - every year ) the organisator Mrs. Rosana Golden said: i had no time to answer - I'm so busy - and than after my body - she said uncorrect things!

I don't like these and I know a lot of other people too!

Than you like sent me a feedback!

many regards
reni von bifamo
innovativ consultant/representant

PS: I like to created an account and than it's written my e-mail adress and password is registered but I never registered me before here!
PLease can you controll these!

Idea for your website

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The editor Newsletter

Hi, I am wondering how to get my film festival mentioned on's newsletter?  If I've added my festival to the site, will it automatically be considered for the newsletter or do I need to do something else to get it on the newsletter?

You can email me at 


I need help/instructions

Hi, I need help changing our Festival Press Contact Name and Email for that name.  Please advise. Thx! 

Pula Film Festival

Dear Sirs,
I am a program coordinator at Pula Film Festival in Croatia. I saw that information about our festival are very old and non correct. Since we would like to refresh our information I would be grateful if You can explain me how to update our information.

Many thanks

change the festival info.

Dear Sir/Madam,
Hello from TaipeiFF. im the Program Coordinator of TaipeiFF this year. We jsut found out the information about our fesitval on you site is old....need to update! whom i should contac with? thank you!


Dear sirs
I was just curious why you won't post my trailer that I have sent to you on several occasions. If you would be so kind as to putting it up on my page, That would be awesome. We are going to give a percentage of the sales on this film once it comes out to the Children's Miracle Network

Peter S. Vinal / Director
General Manager
Thanks so much

Festival Invite

Dear Friend, You are invited to the Film Festival : Humanity Explored - The film festival where we gather and explore Our voice - as citizens of different locales of this earth, sharing the same cosmic resources that sustains life in us, dreaming the same future, experiencing same fundamental emotions, living similar life stories, yet intensely feeling separation among us. Can we feel 'interconnectedness' or 'oneness' by sharing what fundamental emotions, needs and dreams unites us, and question/contemplate the divisive perception of 'otherness'? Lets celebrate our collective spiritual evolution by contemplating the contemporary cultures & societies, through cinema. visit now watch, vote and spread the buzz in your community, on your social networks, in your blogs. Engage & Explore. Visit the festival now.

Account deletion

Done. Actually we are going to change the option in order to let users delete / modify their account and account names.



Please delete duplicate account

I accidentally created a duplicate account for our festival (I am a new volunteer and did not realize that we already had an account).

Please delete the 'davinci' account. Instead we will use our new (davincifilmfest) account. Thank you.

9th Camera Zizanio

Camera Zizanio ‘09
(December 5 – 12, 2009)


Traditionally, after the end of the school year, the European Meeting of Young People’s Audiovisual Creation, known as Camera Zizanio, starts to accept the entries for participation for the great winter feast of young people’s audiovisual expression.

This year, for the 9th time, Camera Zizanio will take place from December 5 – 12, along with the 12th Olympia International Film Festival of Children and Young People, at the hospitable city of Pyrgos, Ilia Prefecture.

Films that are created trough workshops, school teams or individually can take the way to this unique Festival, where young audiovisual creations from Greece, Europe and from the rest of the world will meet…

Of course there are and the summer months for those who need vacations relaxation in order to get inspired.
Please note the deadline for entries: October 20, 2009.

We would like tp remind you that Camera Zizanio isn’t looking for masterpieces or perfect works, as its primary emphasis is given to the effort of young people’s audiovisual expression, their attempt to communicate in a more artistic way and the use of new technology.

There’s no restriction about the subject of the film… but films with fascist, racist, or pornographic matter will be excluded. There’s also no restriction about the means that have been used for the making of the film.

The films that will be selected for the competition sections should meet the following conditions:

- The films, individual or team work, must be created by children and young people up to 20 years old.
- The films should be created by children with a little help from the professionals and not the other way around.
- The duration should be up to 10 minutes.

We would like to remind you that Camera Zizanio is divided into three sections:
- The Greek Section ( all Greek films will participate… without exclusions)
- The European Section
- The International Panorama

At the first two sections (the competitive ones), the films are divided into three categories according to the age of the participants:
- Category A (up to 12 years old)
- Category B (from 13 to 16 years old)
- Category C (from 17 to 20 years old)

For further information you can reach us at our offices in Athens at: +302108664470 or send us e-mail at . You can also visit our website: and our blog

There you can download the regulations and the entry form, which you should send along with the DVD of the film at:

Olympia Film Festival
(for Camera Zizanio)
18 Rodou st, 11252 Athens, Greece

It's done. Laurent.

It's done.


can you please remove my phone number from this listing as I am not with the film festival and still get calls from your listing


Bill Horton

Anna Karina & Hejer Charf in San Francisco

The film VICTORIA directed & starring the Godard actress Anna Karina and produced by the Canadian producer & director Hejer Charf ( will be showing at Mill Valley Festival (San Francisco) in October where Anna Karina will be the guest of Honor and receive the Mill Valley Film Festival Award. The Festival will show several of her films directed by the great Jean-Luc Godard. Hejer Charf and Anna Karina are working on another project. The New Wave muse is finally back, she is still stunnig! Hejer Charf is just brilliant!

Web design


Thanks for your question, we create dedicated spaces on fest21 with dedicated top and logo but we do not  design complete autonomous web sites.

For more info, contact us at info at




Website for Eko International Film Festival

May I know if Fest21 can design the official website for our Eko International Film Festival and how much will it cost?



Jordan the country not in Festival Search

if you go to and search for Jordan under Country it's not there. Please add Jordan to all your country lists. I have mentioned this a couple of years back and still.

Country Jordan missing in dropdown list

In the Festival Organization section of the film festival info, there is no Jordan in the Country dropdown list.

Reinstating the "Access reserved for festival organizer" page ?


unfortunately a redirect at the festivaldeail page level doesn't change the fact that when filmmakers search for "Calling for entries this month " on, the festivals with outdated  deadlines won't show up in the search results.

I wonder if it wouldn't be easier for you to just temporarily  reinstate the "Access reserved for festival organizer" page and let festival modify their listings until you are ready to merge the databases and move all listings to



Yes: a redirect

We are implementing quickly a redirection advising users of our search pages to search on fest21 for more accurate data.


By the end of the Summer? anytyhing we can do about it sooner?

Hi, thanks for the reply,

by the end of the summer is a going to be way too late for us... Is there anything we can do to update the submission deadline while you merge the databases? The wrong deadline is currently posted (Feb 28, 2009 instead of September 30, 2009) and this error is misleading and sending filmmakers away...




Merger of fest21 and filmfestivals databases


We are in the process of merging both databases based on the fest21 technology and content. It should be done during this summer.


Synchronizing fest21 profile with


A while back we did the migration to and all went well. Unfortunately there is a problem: when we update the festival's profile on, the profile ( doesn't get updated and the wrong submission deadline keeps coming up when someone searches our festival on How can we update the listing?


Bonjour,  Est ce que


 Est ce que vous pouvez m'envoyer un mail avec l'adresse de votre compte? (

Je vous enverrai un nouveau mot de passe.


Bonne journée 


(Re)create an account


we organize a film festival in Lyon, France in january. We already have an account on your site but we no longer have the information to access it because we've just changed staff.
Can you help us to resolve this problem?

Thank you

Francis Forge

Les Inattendus
14 rue Basse-Combalot
69007 Lyon - France
Tél/Fax: +33(0)

Graffiti Film Festivals


Just wondering if anyone knows of film festivals out there that have a graffiti theme.

Jackson Black

Hi, Can i have your mail?


Can i have your mail? or you can contact me at:

I will send you the password.


Update a festival

I´m writing from the Mexico City International Contemporary Film Festival (FICCO)and I want to update our info of your festival guide.
I don´t have a password because we didn´t create the account.
Can you tell me how to do it?

I need much more assistance

I need much more assistance of this site.The spirit of independent filmmaking constantly pushes and remodels the standard.All guidelines and requirements must be followed in order to be eligible. Great sharing.Custom Essay

The format essentially

The format essentially cultivates this democratic approach to creative expression. Thanks for the share. Regards,


Wallabout is: a collaborative project putting cultural assembly into explicit practice; a collective celebrating artists’ efforts and the co-production of art; a festival promoting the continuous flow of creative episteme and the techne. It is a question leading to a question leading to a question. Wallabout is committed to challenging our minds while exulting the works of to-day. Wallabout is about it all. First and foremost, efforts will go towards the moment of creative collision. We strive to deliver innovative work and host an atmosphere conducive for playful and intellectual discourse. The passion to bring people together cannot cease. The Wallabout Film Festival submerges itself in the evolution of film while acting as a liaison between creators and community. Particularly attributing the short film, we acknowledge the diversity of expression captured within motion picture. A short can challenge, entertain, and inspire its audience as aptly as a feature-length film. Perhaps a champion of brevity and simplicity, a piece could very well dip and delve into any complexity of our world, opening our eyes to something new.

We support the heart of the creative realm and wish to promote its essential role in our everyday lives. Be it in schools, on the street, or in a book, we believe the arts are not a supplement, but a necessity. You are an artist. We are an artist.

The spirit of independent filmmaking constantly pushes and remodels the standard. Whether created with state-of-the-art equipment or with the most basic devices, the accessibility to short film allows any ambitious visionary the opportunity to innovate. The format essentially cultivates this democratic approach to creative expression. Wallabout seeks entries that individually contribute towards this development of film and manifest the vast range of perspective.

Whether it is a film viewing or a casual discussion over chocolate, we very much believe in the importance of interaction within communities, Brooklyn, New York, and beyond. Though the world with its many differences seems to expand by the second, we hope to establish a neighborhood of understanding and curiosity while moving forward, together.

The Wallabout Film Festival will be held on Thursday, April 23, 2009, at Pochron Studios, 20 Jay Street, in Brooklyn, New York.

Selections will be judged by a panel that includes an array of filmmakers and artists and shall be evaluated in the categories of Fiction and Non-Fiction.

Entries are to be submitted on DVD or Blu-ray disc by the deadline of April 10, 2009, along with the official entry form. Run time must not exceed 8 minutes and the film should have been completed within the last year (finished after March 2008). All guidelines and requirements must be followed in order to
be eligible.

Entries are to be mailed to:

The Program in Critical and Visual Studies
Dekalb Hall, Office 315
Pratt Institute
200 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205



Hello I need assistance with this site please. Where do I find the festivals and where do I send my form???

Other festivals

Cannes is a very presitigious but expensive festival. There are many others you could try. Check the list of close to 4.000 festivals on the left search box. We just added a choice to select free entry festivals. Start there.


Dear sir/madam!
i m from pakistan. i ve just done my graduation in film studies from NCA, Lahore. i(one of the first film graduate in pakistan) got distinction on my thesis work which is a short film(realistic drama about three friends), shot in rural areas of punjab. i want to send my film to canne short film festival since being a jobless, i don't ve 95 euro for draft . what can i do except for not participating in festival?

delete account

We can and will do this for you no problem

The editor

please delete my account

can you please delete my account? there's no "cancel"/"delete" button in the options...



listing countries

Will work on that

thanks for mentionning.

The editor

Country list / KOSOVO

Dear all,

I was trying to find my country on your country listing but apparently its missing. Can you please be kind and include Kosovo in your country listing so i could register my address there.

Thank you

press release

if you want more internet visibility use our free Press Release Publication Service

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try it

The editor

Press Release


The Barbershop Chronicles “TBC” Completed And Ready To Cut Up The Box Office Big Screens

For Immediate Release:

"The Barbershop Chronicles" has a cast that includes several talented actors that are familiar to television audiences. Darnel Stapleton of the Super Bowl bound, “Pittsburg Steelers“, making his acting debut, Carl Clemons, of HBO's "The Wire" was a staple of season four. This year he completed filming four features in addition to "TBC," including "Shelter," starring Julianne Moore and "Brooklyn's Finest," directed by award-winning director Antoine Fuqua ("Training Day."), Andrew Roth and Thomas Daniel from “Patient 27” and Julleitte Fairley, from “M.O.N.Y.” a Spike Lee joint.

"The Barbershop Chronicles ("TBC")." Is a comedy about the life and times at Bobby‘s Cut Above barbershop and a special friendship between a group of unscrupulous friends. The story entangles the main character, “Bobby” and the ups and downs of his lively career as a barber. Hilarious stories, High stakes in the hood and a wild car chase, makes this NEW barbershop tale, a cut above the rest.

Next up for Bcut Productions is "Trakks” where 7 people’s lives change forever when they’re all tied together in a climax of mystery and conclusion, in this new thrilling train ride.

Portable Film Festival

Hi there,

My name’s Sarah Alexander – I’m a Programming Assistant for Portable Film Festival ( I’m basically writing to introduce myself, and muster some attention in what we’re doing!

The Portable Film Festival presents the best contemporary short film and video from all across the world; an online film festival which allows free streaming of all content, as well as free download of all content to portable consumer devices such as iPods, PSPs, or 3G mobile phones. We have a programming team that curates and programs across short film, music video, animation, online serial, first hand capture content via mobile device, as well as long format and full feature film content. The festival has been based around a large scale competition for the last three years – this year, we attracted nearly 550 entries from 40 countries, and presented a program of 162 films. The content ranges from film students and emerging filmmakers through to professional productions which have been recognized at major site festival like Cannes, Sundance, Berlin, etc.

We’re a film festival on the viewer’s terms and on the go, and we’re based on open distribution, that imagines the viewer as the start of the distribution chain – we encourage you to curate your own festival experience, comment and vote, take and download the content, watch it where you will, and share and forward it through your nearest and dearest…

We’ve recently expanded the site as a festival channel, presenting new film and video content every day from the front page, and telling the stories behind the stories…

At the moment, we’re doing a Road Movie showcase, free to view/free to download, featuring films, music videos and animation from all over the world, Brazil to Morocco, Sweden to Australia; and telling some stories off the beaten track.

We are also showcasing Czech film, Most. A poetic and powerful story of a father forced to choose between love and duty, Most (Czech for The Bridge) has wowed audiences around the world since its release in 2004, having been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short, as well as being an official selection of Sundance, and previously being screened for the President of the USA and Congress.

If you have any questions or comments about the fest, I’d be happy to answer or respond, just let me know…

Kind regards,
Sarah. - The Portable Film Festival presents the best contemporary shorts and feature films from all across the world, viewable online, and downloadable to your iPod, PSP, or 3G mobile phone completely free!

Video upload



Thanks to send us your password by email at webmaster at and we will check to solve this quickly.



Unable To Upload Video Content



Just after some help uploading video content on the festival blog. When I go to video - then create content - a message comes up telling me I have incorrect login or password, yet I can log in fine.


Any help would be much appreciated. 

Press Release


For Immediate Release:


New Jersey filmmaker Bobby E. Goins has completed principal photography on his feature film "The Barbershop Chronicles ("TBC")." A dramedy about friends and foes in an insular New Jersey neighborhood Mr. Goins has mined his experience as a barber and barbershop owner to tell the story of honorable men and women, hilarious hijinks and high stakes in the 'hood’.

A spirited and confident professional, Mr. Goins has become a neighborhood fixture, but his profile began to rise considerably as he began his foray into filmmaking. It was something, he soon found out to his delight, that he was meant to do. After developing the script he gathered a great cast and crew and began to shoot. With all the challenges that filming entails he was able to trust both his instincts and his capacity for hard work and little sleep to ultimately succeed.

"The Barbershop Chronicles" has a cast that includes several talented actors that are familiar to television audiences. Carl Clemons, of HBO's "The Wire" was a staple of season four. This year he completed filming four features in addition to "TBC," including "Shelter," starring Julianne Moore and "Brooklyn's Finest," directed by award-winning director Antoine Fuqua ("Training Day.").

Bobby E. Goins' next step is a distribution deal. Toward this goal he will be entering "TBC" in several film festivals in 2009.


I would like to inform you about the work of Hejer Charf. Update biography: Hejer Charf was born in Tunisia, she is a Canadian director and producer. She lives in Montreal where she started NADJA Productions Inc. in 1996. A company that produces auteur and independent films. She wrote, produced and directed LES PASSEURS that received the PEACE SEAL OF FLORENCE (2003). She directed the short films: the music lover (2008), la main de fatma (2008) and tracing my curse (2008). She directed documentaries, among them, Anna Karina (2004), Lebanon(s), which futures? (2007), Arab Women in Quebec (2007). She produced the shows of the legendary ANNA KARINA and Philippe Katerine in Quebec (2004). She produced the road-movie Victoria, written, directed and staring ANNA KARINA. The film's score is composed by Philippe Katerine (2008). Hejer Charf is currently working on a long feature film about the Arab and Muslim culture in Quebec. WWWHEJERCHARF.COM ( Our website will be updated and on ine by the end of September)


Hi, Really appreciates this session of talk I am a shortfilm & Documentary producer and director I need to show this to all Since i made it to be shown to international viewers So please send me on my below given e mail the festivals that is conducting each month and time for sending my works in case if anyone wants to distribute this please welcome. my e mail address is Invites friends also from directors, producers and good editors Sasi


Hi Travis,

Your account is deleted. Sorry to see you leave :).



cancel account

there is still no delete button to cancel my account in the edit section. can you please delete my account?

" is the digital

" is the digital paradize for films, festivals & digital community." Oh, isn't that good advertising?!:)) I prefer the commercial that has.

"The Human Experience" - Grassroots Films Brooklyn, New York

name="allowFullScreen" value="true"> " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">


We are a 2d Cell and Flash/3D Animation Production House in kolkata India.

We have experienced Animation team in different category like-

Story Board Artist, In-between Artist, Animator, Character Designer, Compositor, BG Artist, Layout Artist etc.

We are eagerly searching big 2d animation work / 2D Animated TV Serial projects. Game animation, Animated Music Video work etc.

We want Projects.........we deliver international quality animation.
And reasonable rate.

Waiting for your positive reply.

Thanking you


Show reel:



Mobile: +91 9830085034
+91 9830317320

my name is Julia Gorodetskaya

Please, tell me, what to do with this work. I don't really know.

Register to send him a message

Why don't you just register and send him a direct message Frown

long lost cousin

My name is Philip Korn. I have a cousin who I haven't seen for 35 years. He was born in Paris France and the last time I spoke to him,he was living in New York working in the film industry. I noticed that this site has a member, Jaques Korn which is my cousins name There is no information about him here so I was wondering if there is any way I can find out if he is my cousin. Thanks, Philip Korn.

Caribbean Feature Films

Iyanola Pictures, a film company based in the Caribbean island of St.Lucia has for the past few years produced four great feature films.''Ribbons of Blue'' the company's second film was awarded Best Documentary Feature by the NeW York International Film and Video Festival in 2004 and was promoted in Cannes the same year. Our films reveal the realities of the Caribbean culture while they remain highly entertaining and professionally captivating.

We would love to participate in your online festival but our films will not qualify as they are more than forty-five minutes long.

Our dream is getting in touch with SPIKE LEE.

Is there any way we could get in touch with this great director?

OUR Website-www


There are 4 festivals annually, one for each season of the year. You are welcome to enter as many festivals as you like and as many films as you would like. Re-submitted films must continue to meet submission criteria and remain world premieres that have not played to a paying audience.

Entry Deadlines
Fall Fest Sept 1 – Nov 30 Aug 15
Winter Festt Dec 1 – Feb 29 Nov 15
Spring Fest
March 1 – May 31
Feb. 15
Summer Fest
June 1 – Aug 31
May 15

Film Festival Academy was launched in May 2008. Register NOW for the first film festival on Sept. 1, 2008. The sooner you register the more exposure your film will receive.

CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival

Now in its 14th year, the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival presented by TELUS is the leading venue for the exhibition and promotion of short film in North America and is one of the premier short film festivals in the world. Taking place from June 10th to 15th, 2008 the WSFF will present 250 films from 30 countries. Each 90 minute screening features a selection of themed shorts that showcase the most innovative films being made today. As always, the Festival promises a dazzling lineup of some of the most engaging films from Canada and around the globe.

Enticing audiences with a rich spectrum of programming, key highlights include: the Gala program, showcasing the most popular award winners from around the world; Official Selection, screening 12 competitive programs of the finest shorts from home and around the world; the horror and freakish comedy of Midnight Mania and the ever-popular sexy shorts of Slap `n’ Tickle. Other popular programs include Celebrity Shorts, made by or starring your favourite actors; Out There, featuring sci-fi shorts; Scene Not Herd, bringing audiences the most recent cutting-edge music videos from independent bands, plus new voices in Comedy, Shorts For Shorties, a selection of films for youth; Accidentally Funny, archival instructional films taken out of context; Japanese Animation Spotlight, three programs showcasing recent Japanese animation, including the Canadian Premieres of the Genius Party and Genius Party Beyond collections from animation powerhouse Studio 4C°, a Film School Spotlight on the Universidad del Cine – Argentina; a showcase of fictional shorts from Thailand in honour of the King’s 80th birthday; a screening of the National Screen Institutes (NSI) 2007 Drama Prize Films, plus a special screening of CFC 2007 Short Dramatic Films and lots more.

Offering one of the largest prize packages for short film in the world, top WSFF winners are eligible for Academy Award®, Genie Award and BAFTAs consideration*. Network with international filmmakers, distributors, programmers, buyers and key industry professionals plus gain valuable industry knowledge at the Short Film, BIG IDEAS Symposium on the Art and Commerce of Filmmaking.

*The 2008 Academy Awards®. featured four nominees which previously screened at WSFF 2007 including ‘Best Animated Short Film’ nominees, I MET THE WALRUS – Directed by Josh Raskin and MADAME TUTLI-PUTLI – Directed by Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski, plus ‘Best Live Action Short Film’ nominees, IL SUPPLENTE (The Substitute) – Directed by Andrea Jublin and TANGHI ARGENTINI – Directed by Guy Thys

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The mission of the CFC is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee focused, cost-efficient, and effective in providing all federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all.
Arizona HR Consulting

TELUS Innovation Fund: Apply Now! Please Circulate


I noticed you had a posting for CFC's TELUS Innovation Fund last year - here is the new information for this year's deadline next month! Could you please change the information of the Fest21 website to reflect the new deadline? Thank you so much.


Submission Deadline: Monday February 25, 2008

The TELUS Innovation Fund invests in film, television, and new media projects creating the next forms of entertainment.

The TELUS Innovation Fund, created by the Canadian Film Centre with funding from the TELUS Foundation, provides funding for the production of innovative film, television, and new media content projects. This fund invests in new forms of high-quality, original Canadian content that employ innovative strategies in breaking new ground to reach general public audiences. The TELUS Innovation Fund supports a minimum of 3 projects per year with funding up to $100,000 for each project.

Launched in January of 2006, the fund was designed to assist projects that explore new ways of approaching entertainment and storytelling; placing Canadian ideas, talent and media at the forefront.

For more information download the TELUS Innovation Fund Guidelines Package at:

Or contact TELUS Innovation Fund Manager
416-445-1446 ext. 301

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Moneybag short film version

Visit my african short film Moneybag

and also the film website:
We are looking for finance to produce the feature film of Moneybag!
We will be glad to have all the necessary contacts and people willing to help us out!
God bless you all!
Film producerAurelien Henry OBAMA :

Aurelien Henry OBAMA
Managing Director of NGUL Productions
tel 237 99483904

Money bag short film version

Visit my african short film Moneybag

and also the film website:
We are looking for finance to produce the feature film of Moneybag!
We will be glad to have all the necessary contacts and people willing to help us out!We are from Cameroon!
God bless you all!
Film producerAurelien Henry OBAMA :

Aurelien Henry OBAMA
Managing Director of NGUL Productions
tel 237 99483904

Moneybag my african short film version

Visit my african short film Moneybag

and also the film website:
We are looking for finance to produce the feature film of Moneybag!
We will be glad to have all the necessary contacts and people willing to help us out!
God bless you all!
Film producerAurelien Henry OBAMA :

Aurelien Henry OBAMA
Managing Director of NGUL Productions
tel 237 99 48 39 04

Application for any suitable job.

Dear Sir & Madam,

Subject: Applica¬tion for Clerk or any Suitable job.

Greeting from Qatar!

I hope everything well at your end.

I would be grateful to work with your Organization in any position that fits my qualifications. I will be very happy, if I will have given a chance to work with your Organization OR Company and for sure, I will be a good employee. I will do all my best to satisfy my employer like I am doing here in Qatar. I’m presently working at “Salam International Investment Ltd.” as Office Clerk. I believe that my combination of educational background, communication skills and retail operation experience would help me well to be able to serve your Organization. I am comfortable in dealing with different types of people as I have been exposed to related working environment for the past years.

I am pleased to attach my CV, Certificate & Photo for your review and perusal. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further informations or need any clarification.

Once again, I am very much grateful if could spare your time in replying to my email. I will be very much obliged, If you consider this request favorably. I believe your gracious heart would help me in my endeavors. I am the only earning member of my family and accordingly it is my responsibility to support them financially.

Give my best regards your family and to all your colleagues.

Thank you in advance and May Almighty God bless you always.

Hope to receive your response the soonest.

Your sincerely,

Sujit Krishna Rakshit
Salam International Investment Ltd.
P. O. Box 15224, Doha - Qatar.
Tel. 00974 4830439, Fax: 00974 4833576
MB. 00974 6575541

CC. HR. Department.

Guide lines in converting screen playscript to motion picture

We at Star links Entertainment; Wish to become a member of your organization, our company is a very young enterprise which is into discovering of good talent in acting and organizing of reality show in Lagos State, Nigeria; West Africa.
We would like your organization to support us morally by sending us guideline and information about the movie industry.
Presently there is a particular epic horror film, base on our culture and life style which we have finalize the screenplay script writing.
Your guide and advise would help us in handling the documentation of the scripts in becoming an international standard.
We are organizing an audition very soon,we would very much appreciate your support.
Thank you.



binggo fera une entré prochainement.

Simply use the create content / image option

On the left column, under your name caromia you have the "create content" option with the "image" option underneath. Use it and just provide a title and upload your image...

You can also use the option "blog entry" to enter a new post. You do not need to post everything in the title of your blog :).Let's get more info and pictures and trailers on your film.

And thanks for your kind words.


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film "Born Into Shit"

Dear Sir/Dear Madam

Let me introduce you Motion Pictures Agency.

Motion Pictures Agency s.r.o. is a Prague-based collaboration of U.S. and European filmmakers with international experience in the production of visual media and entertainment product. Our team works at the cutting edge of the dynamically developing Czech market, specializing primarily in the production of music videos and feature films.

Motion Pictures Agency was established in Prague 2003 as an actors agency and casting company representing over five hundred actors; it has since evolved into film production company with international interests as well as the domestic market in a film industry offering complete.

We are offering you the apportunity to be involved with a Czech movies. Now we can offer you our new film „Born Into Shit“ dir. by Marcel Bystron. At the moment the movie has the theatrical reliese in domestic markets sence23.11.2006. Movie trailer you can find on At the moment we have agreement just for local distributiton (Czech and Slovac Republics) with Bioscop. Other territories are still available for distribution. The movie is in czech and english languages and also has an english subtittles.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me anytime. Hope to hear from you soon.


Motion Pictures Agency

Viktoria Flidr

Cells :+420 602 488 812, +420 774 488 812

Movie web:

About FEST21

(M21 Entertainment) is the social network for film and festival professionals.

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